The Massive Cholesterol Scam

I have long said that just because cholesterol is at the scene of the crime, it does not necessarily mean that cholesterol caused the crime.  It only takes a little digging on the internet to discover that there is so much more to the cholesterol story and its relationship to heart disease.  Frankly, it is a tale that has really started to aggravate me…

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Health, Fitness and Conventional Wisdom: Still believe White Goodman?

In July 2011 I was entering my mid-40s, worked in a very demanding job, was recovering from major ankle surgery, and I was fat for the first time.  My body also seemed to be falling into the abyss.   Perhaps by today’s standards, I would only be considered overweight.  However, at 1.80m tall and 98 kg, my body was a full 15 kgs heavier than I ever weighed and probably at least 22 kg heavier than I should have been.   Bottom line:  I felt horrible, physically and emotionally—but why?

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The Pursuit of Optimal Living

After more than four decades of  sports, fitness, health, and various business pursuits, I have come to realize that the more I learn the less I know.  Perhaps this is just a sign of developing maturity that goes a long with graying facial hair!  I’m not really sure, but the world is definitely a lot less black and white than it was in my younger years…

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