No time for a good workout?


No time to workout?
No time to workout?
Are you challenged with finding enough time in the week to get a good workout?  If so, you might consider a high intensity strength training protocol that could offer big results.   Dr. Doug McGuff, author of the book Body by Science, offers an interesting approach to HIT (high intensity training) that only takes 12 minutes to perform and is typically performed only once a week!
Using approximately five primary exercises (push, pull, press, leg press, and leg extension), the protocol requires only light weight and incorporates super slow movement during the execution phase of each repetition, approximately 20 seconds per repetition with non-stop movement.  The ideal weight for each exercise is based on exercise failure occurring in 5-6 rep range.   Rest between exercises is limited to 10 seconds, and each exercise is also performed to failure…plus an extra 3-4 second all-out effort at the end of the final rep for good measure!
Interested?  You can listen to his one hour interview, or review an excellent summary of his approach by Dr. Joseph Mercola at

5 thoughts on “No time for a good workout?”

  1. Hi TJ. My husband and I just met you today at the park and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting and speaking with you. Your thoughts of health and the pursuit of good living are right on and I look forward to reading more of your blogs in the future. You have some good stuff here. Very informative and thought provoking. I will definitely be an avid follower and reader. Hey, my initials are TJ too but I go by Jeannie. Nice to meet a guy who looks so fit and who seems to have found the right answers for yourself in terms of lifestyle and fitness. Good on you!

    1. Jeannie – It was great to meet you and your husband too. Learning about your recent summit of Mount Kilimanjaro was truly inspiring. You guys rock! I am also very pleased that you are enjoying the blog and find it useful. Thank you so much for your kind words. My hope is that might serve as destination to help others obtain their health, fitness, and optimal living goals—goals that you and your husband have already seemed to master!

      Stay tuned for more:)

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