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10 Signs the War in Ukraine is part of the Great Reset

by Welcome to the second phase of the Great Reset: war. While the pandemic acclimatised the world to lockdowns, normalised the acceptance of experimental medications, precipitated the greatest transfer of wealth to corporations by decimating SMEs and adjusted the muscle memory of workforce operations in preparation for a cybernetic future, an additional vector was required to […]

A Perspective on Ukraine from Veronika Kyrylenko

In this interview Ukrainian-American Veronika Kyrlenko provides some excellent insights on Ukraine and its relationship with Russia. Veronika is a journalist with The New American and holds a PhD in Political Science. She also professes a strong passion for personal freedom and individual responsibility. From The New American, Most Americans know very little about Ukraine. […]

Get Politics Out of Health Care

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough call for politics to get out of the health care arena The government controlling health care is a core problem, as politicians have stepped in to dictate patient care, which doesn’t allow physicians to practice medicine and save patients’ lives The U.S. Centers […]

Globalists Aim to Take Over Health Systems Worldwide

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE The globalist cabal is planning to monopolize health systems worldwide through the creation of an international pandemic treaty that makes the World Health Organization the sole decision maker on pandemic matters The WHO may also be planning to seize power over health systems more broadly. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has stated […]

The Great Depression II

by Jeff Thomas via International Man Whenever a movie has been a huge hit, the film industry tries to follow it up by doing a sequel. The sequel is almost invariably far more costly, as there’s the anticipation by those who create it that it will be an even bigger blockbuster than the original. The […]

How to Improve Your Immune Function

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE Natural killer (NK) cells are a specific type of white blood cell. They’re an important component of your cell-mediated (innate) immune system and are involved in both viral diseases and cancer NK cells are cytotoxic; they induce apoptosis (programmed cell death), which destroys the virus along with the infected cell […]

Massive Conflicts of Interest at the NIH

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE One of the primary vehicles for kickbacks and fraud seems to be foundations associated with federal agencies. The reason they’re so frequently used for questionable transactions is because foundations are private entities and not subject to Freedom of Information Act requests and other open records laws The board of directors […]

Week 65: VAERS Covid Vaccine Deaths Up 2%, Now 27,917

As of March 11, 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) report a staggering 1,183,495 Covid-19 vaccine adverse events (all locations). Not surprisingly, covid vaccine deaths also continue to march upward. Nearly 1.2 million people are now reported to have been negatively impacted (or killed) by these […]

Doctors Were Paid to Prescribe Opioids

by Dr. Joseph Mercola Story at-a-glance Opioid addiction has been identified as a continuing, significant factor in overdose drug deaths According to the CDC, more than 42,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses in 2016 — a 28% jump in opioid deaths from the year before. In 2020 and 2021 overdoses surged, before reaching record-level deaths […]

Ukraine on Fire – Russian Aggression or US Interference?

If you are searching for an excellent non-corporate media perspective on what led to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, I highly recommend Oliver Stone’s 2016 documentary Ukraine on Fire. You are simply not going to find this kind of historical information on the mainstream media outlets. It doesn’t fit inside the Overton Window. Curiously, Stone’s documentary sat […]

Nine in 10 COVID Deaths Are in Vaccinated People

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE With all eyes on Russia and Ukraine, the U.K. quietly released a vaccine surveillance report that showed roughly 80% to 90% of COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths were in people who were vaccinated Although the U.K. has the same COVID variant and uses only one different vaccine, the U.S. data […]

What Happens Next in the Conflict With Russia

by Doug Casey via International Man International Man: Prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we discussed the rising tensions between the US and Russia over Ukraine. What is your take on what has transpired since then? Doug Casey: I think it makes sense first to recount the genesis of this war. It started when an American-backed […]

Washington and Moscow Vie for the Stupid Prize

by Paul Craig Roberts via Institute for Political Economy Is it Washington or the Kremlin which is the most confused about sanctions and their impact?  Washington and Europe have made it very clear that sanctions do not apply to payments for Russian energy and minerals.  Only the US has banned the import of Russian gas […]

Regenerative Food and Farming: Survival and Revival

by Ronnie Cummins via STORY-AT-A-GLANCE Either we move beyond merely treating the symptoms of our planetary degeneration — and build instead a new system based upon regenerative food, farming and land use, coupled with renewable energy practices and global cooperation instead of superpower competition and belligerence — or we will soon pass the point […]

Much Wants More and Loses All

via The collective post-West has been running amok for the last two weeks. The powers that be make believe that they did not expect that events would unfold the way they are unfolding now (though they did their best to make things happen as they are happening) and they make a show imposing sanctions […]

Stop the Crazy War in Ukraine

by Eric Margolis via Ron Paul Institute The brazenly biased western media is giving us the impression that the Ukraine fighting is some sort of sports competition. Russia’s media, now shamefully silenced in the west by the banning of Russia Today and Sputnik News, portrays the so far modest war in Ukraine as a renewed […]

The Importance of Reducing Indoor Pollution

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE Ninety-two percent of the world’s population breathe polluted air, and about 6.7 million deaths are attributed to air pollution each year; a toxic environment is responsible for 1 of every 4 deaths reported worldwide Indoor air pollution can be as dangerous, or more, than outdoor air pollution. Indoor air […]

Who Needs the Fake Fact-Checkers?

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE Facebook has admitted in a court of law that its fact checkers are not asserting facts but, rather, First Amendment-protected opinions Steve Kirsch, founder of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, recorded a phone call with a fact checker from PolitiFact, showing just how ignorant the fact checker is about […]