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The truth will out.


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Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  Fast Rope is a destination dedicated to discussing the pursuit of health, liberty, optimal living, and most importantly, truth.  

The pursuit of truth and purpose-driven living are topics that I intend to highlight here.  In doing so, I will strive for this blog to be a path to clarity and understanding of our world as it actually exists—for me and whoever else visits Fast Rope.  My goal is simple, but challenging: to provide insights, knowledge, and access to information that might ultimately help us live optimally, honestly, fearless, and free. 

Although it appears that storm clouds are gathering and that we are traveling down some of the darker paths of history, I sincerely believe that in the end truth will prevail and love will concur fear.   As such, we should not be dejected or demoralized by the chaos of a world that seems to be coming apart.  This is our opportunity to make a real difference.  It’s an opportunity to be a force for good and to be on the right side of history.

Please join me in this discovery process.  Ultimately, the truth will out.

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