Another Social Justice Warrior Snowflake Has Her Worldview Destroyed

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BBC announcer Alex Scott apparently thought that the color of her skin inoculated her from all race-based social justice indiscretions. I guess she thought this accident of birth made her a better and more enlightened human. As such, it must be really tough for her to learn that her black ancestors owned slaves. Oops. I guess Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was right, and the line that separates good from evil does indeed run through all our hearts.

If you are reading this Alex, please know that the actions of your ancestors have nothing to do with who you are today. Nothing. I’m sure that you must feel trapped in a state of unbearable cognitive dissonance as your BLM worldview is incongruent with reality. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you judge people by their identity bucket and not as individuals. This is what happens when you attempt to distill the complexities of human interaction into a sound bite. If you desire cognitive peace Alex, I highly recommend that you and your fellow Social Justice Warriors consider judging people by their individual character — not their melanin levels.

Maybe it’s also time to stop judging people of the past based on standards of today.

Paul Joseph Watson brilliantly nails it: