Aphasia Can Be Caused by the COVID Vaccine

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by Steve Kirsch via Substack

How do we know Bruce Willis’ aphasia wasn’t caused by the vaccine? Nobody is talking about it.

Bruce Willis Steps Away From Acting Career After Being Diagnosed With Brain  Condition | Entertainment Tonight

I wanted to make sure everyone knows aphasia is one of the thousands of symptoms whose reporting rates were elevated after the COVID vaccines rolled out. It’s #1574 on that sorted list of symptoms elevated by the COVID vaccine that we calculated back in November 2021.

But I also very distinctly remember, very early on after the vaccines rolled out, a story from Dr. Byram Bridle of a teenage girl, perfectly healthy before getting the vaccine, who couldn’t speak shortly after getting vaccinated.

Of course, we now know this wasn’t just a coincidence.

The numbers of reports to the VAERS system bear this out.

Here’s a “baseline” year 2019 for all vaccines put together:

Here’s what the numbers are just for the COVID vaccine alone:

Bruce Willis is 67 and developed aphasia after being vaccinated. Could it just be a coincidence? Maybe, but how did Willis’ doctors rule out the vaccine being causal?

We aren’t told this. Why not?

340 vs. 12 for his age group… a factor of 28 higher reporting rate for the COVID vaccines.

Bad luck? I don’t think so.

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