Australian Army Now Moving Australians into Concentration Camps

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Image: AAP Glen Campbell

by Paul Craig Roberts via

As I reported earlier — in Australia, formerly a free country, now a Nazi state, the Australian army is transporting Australians who test positive for Covid and those who have had contact with them to quarantine camps.

The forceful internment of Australians has begun in the large but sparsely settled Northern Territory where the dispersed population cannot easily organize into mass demonstrations. Once the precedent is established in the Northern Territory, internment camps will be the rule throughout Australia.

As of two days ago, November 22, the entirely of the Northern Territory had a total of only 38 Covid cases. Remember, the definition of a Covid case is a positive result from a PCR test, and remember that the PCR test run at the protocol cycles produces 97% false positives. In other words, it is a test manipulated to produce the appearance of a “pandemic.”

So, as far as anyone knows, there is only one Covid case in the Northern Territory. (There are only 38 alleged cases; 3 percent of 38 equals 1.14 Covid cases)

Obviously, the internment order has nothing whatsoever to do with a pandemic and public health.

A few years ago the Australians, a feisty people once upon a time, succumbed to the liberal gun control propaganda and gave up their weapons. Now they are helpless to resist their forceful interment into concentration camps.

The purpose of this Nazi policy is unclear. It cannot be public health, as there is no pandemic in the Northern Territories, and it is one of the best established facts of our time that both HCQ and Ivermectin can easily control the Covid virus. Both are many times cheaper than moving people into internment camps. HCQ and Ivermectin both prevent and cure Covid, but the Covid protocol established by Big Pharma prevents their use. Big Pharma’s motto has always been: profit before life.

The Western presstitutes are not reporting this news, which probably means we also will be experiencing internment camps. Austria has substituted home arrests for camps, but Gates, Fauci, and Biden, given their Nazi tendencies, will probably elect for camps.

Meanwhile, the new Covid cases are almost entirely limited to those vaccinated with the spike protein. Israel is now struggling with the fact that having vaccinated her population, the public health authorities destroyed the natural immunity of the population, thus multiplying many times the number of those susceptible to the virus.

Today it is not only those with comorbidities who are in danger but also every vaccinated person.

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