Biden Vaccine Mandates–Just One More Step Toward the Great Reset

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Oh, how prescient his words! It looks like Dr. Mercola nailed it again in his article The Great Reset Demands Firing All Unvaccinated Employees:

The idea of the Great Reset may feel like a conspiracy theory, especially if life as you know it where you live has not dramatically changed. You still go to work, buy food, go to the gym, go out to eat and attend events. There may be people wearing masks, and you may see or hear news reports about vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, but it hasn’t reached your employer and you may not be personally affected … yet.

It looks likes “yet” has finally arrived (here , here and here). The Great Reset is in full swing. Vaccine mandates are just the beginning of the federal government’s quest for power and total authoritarian control.

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola