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Best Foods for Healthy Lungs

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE Lung function tends to peak around the age of 30, after which it starts to decline. The rate of decline varies depending on factors such as smoking, exercise, exposure to pollutants, medical conditions and diet Anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid, have been shown to improve symptoms of chronic obstructive […]

Sugar Coated — How the Sugar Industry Duped the World

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE Thousands of studies spanning many decades show excess sugar damages your health, yet the sugar industry successfully buried the evidence and misdirected the public with manipulated science “Sugar Coated” investigates the sugar industry’s once secret PR campaign, showing it normalized excessive consumption by deflecting evidence implicating sugar as a […]

Could Eating Too Many Vegetables Wreck Your Health?

Video Link by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE Dr. Paul Saladino, a functional medicine practitioner, advocates the use of a nose-to-tail carnivore diet to heal many autoimmune conditions, and points to evidence suggesting the notion that all plants are beneficial may need to be revisited and revised Plant lectins can have harmful effects by binding to […]

Ivermectin Decreases Mortality

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE While ivermectin has been widely vilified as either useless, dangerous or both, studies have repeatedly demonstrated its usefulness against COVID-19 A study published in the March 2022 issue of the International Journal of Infectious Diseases again found that treatment with ivermectin reduced mortality in COVID-19 patients to a greater […]

How to Step Out of Your Sedentary Lifestyle

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE U.S. inactivity and sedentary lifestyles cause obesity and other health problems Car-based lifestyles based on commuting from suburbs to job sites have greatly increased inactivity Incorporating walking into personal lifestyles can lower blood pressure, reduce susceptibility to diabetes and lower the risk of developing some cancers and cognitive decline Walkable […]

How to Improve Your Immune Function

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE Natural killer (NK) cells are a specific type of white blood cell. They’re an important component of your cell-mediated (innate) immune system and are involved in both viral diseases and cancer NK cells are cytotoxic; they induce apoptosis (programmed cell death), which destroys the virus along with the infected cell […]

The Importance of Reducing Indoor Pollution

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE Ninety-two percent of the world’s population breathe polluted air, and about 6.7 million deaths are attributed to air pollution each year; a toxic environment is responsible for 1 of every 4 deaths reported worldwide Indoor air pollution can be as dangerous, or more, than outdoor air pollution. Indoor air […]

Eight Important Health Screens Commonly Overlooked

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE While studies suggest the health of Americans suffers due to excessive, unnecessary and/or ineffective medical tests and treatments, certain lab tests can offer truly important clues about your health Some of the most valuable tests are rarely ordered by conventional physicians. These include the omega-3 index, ferritin, RBC magnesium, homocysteine […]

Thymosin Alpha 1 – A Peptide Everyone Should Know

Peptides are revolutionizing medicine, being harnessed for gut healing, improving immune function, tissue repair and anti-aging.  There are more than 7,000 naturally occurring peptides within the human body that play critical roles and serve as neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes, and growth factors.1  Peptides are amino acids bound together in different sequences.  They each have their own job […]

A Different Perspective on Russia

This is an outstanding must watch video if you are seeking a credible, thoughtful, and substantive geopolitical discussion on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and Vladimir Putin. It is unlike anything you will see on corporate media. Former CIA officer (Head of Russia Desk) Ray McGovern and University of Chicago political science professor John Mearsheimer are deep […]

Broccoli Shows Major Healing Potential

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE Cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, cabbage, collards, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower contain plant compounds that are important for optimal health, including chemoprotective compounds One of the most well-known of these is sulforaphane. Sulforaphane supports normal cell function and division while causing programmed cell death in colon, liver, prostate, breast and […]

Curcumin Supplementation May Impart Cognitive Benefits

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE Curcumin, a bioactive ingredient in the spice turmeric, has over 160 potentially therapeutic activities, including anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and anticancer benefits Research suggests curcumin may have long-term effects on your cognitive function by protecting against brain inflammation. By boosting mood, it may also help prevent depression Compared to controls, patients who […]

Doug Casey on Making a Crisis Your Friend

by Doug Casey via International Man Nick Giambruno: Doug, you’re one of the foremost authorities in the world on the topic of crisis investing. Tell us a bit about your background on this topic. Doug Casey: After my second book, Crisis Investing, came out in 1979, I started publishing a newsletter of the same name. […]

Keep a Clean House With Nontoxic Cleaners

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE Commercial cleaners emit toxic chemicals that may cause headaches and respiratory difficulties, organ damage and cancer You can clean your home effectively and safely using natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, coconut oil, lemons and castile soap Essential oils can be added to all of your homemade cleaning supplies and […]

Study Links Cellphone Radiation to Heart and Brain Tumors

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the cancer research arm of the World Health Organization, declared cellphones a Group 2B “possible carcinogen” Two government-funded studies brought renewed attention to this link in 2016. The studies, in which 3,000 animals were exposed to the type of radiation emitted […]

Four Powerful Adaptogens for Adrenal Support

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE Your adrenal glands secrete more than 50 hormones, including aldosterone (which helps regulate your blood pressure), and cortisol and adrenaline, both of which can become overactivated by stress Exposure to chronic inflammation or long-term illness can result in hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis dysfunction, triggering symptoms associated with “adrenal fatigue” Adaptogenic herbs […]

Is Sunbathing More Important Than Vitamin D?

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE The vast majority, 95%, of the melatonin your body produces is made inside your mitochondria in response to near-infrared radiation from the sun. Only 5% of melatonin is produced in your pineal gland at night During the day, near-infrared rays from the sun penetrate deep into your body and activate […]

Lowering Calories by Just 14% Enhances Your Health

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE Data show a cost-effective means of reducing weight, improving your immune system, lowering inflammation and supporting antiaging processes is caloric restriction by 14% of your normal daily intake Fasting is one way to lower your calorie intake and experience the additional benefits of stimulating your metabolism, lowering blood pressure and […]