COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Arm Implants

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by Dr. Joseph Mercola

covid vaccine passport arm implants


  1. In a short video that quickly went viral across social media, the Swedish company Epicenter promoted the company’s biochip technology to monitor vaccine status. Swedish government is heavily invested in technology, which drives Sweden’s economy
  2. One study found mandating a vaccine passport leveraged an uptick in accepting COVID-19 genetic therapy injections, especially those 20 to 49 years; this move essentially threatens people to get injections or risk being marginalized
  3. Other implanted passport technology includes a dissolvable microneedle transdermal patch that injects the vaccine and quantum microdots with vaccine information to “label people” or tattooing a QR code with the digital information
  4. Digital IDs are about control and profit, creating a system where people must rely on a chip for banking, food, health care, everyday purchases and more. Together, there are steps we can and must take to impede the movement toward enslaving society

Vaccine passports have been dangled like the proverbial carrot in front of a weary public longing to get back to a semblance of normalcy after nearly two years of lockdowns, masking and social distancing. A Swedish company released a short video1 demonstrating technology that allows them to implant a computer chip in your hand or arm that can carry your vaccine status.

The video quickly spread across social media, generating questions and contributing to the growing fear that “Big Brother” is growing stronger. The millions of deaths that were predicted by a flawed model for this pandemic,2 and which seemingly started the push for a vaccine, have not come to fruition.

Coupled with a recent engineering analysis of the data,3 which strongly suggests that the number of deaths from the vaccine now outnumber the number of deaths from the illness, the likelihood that the push for vaccine mandates is meant to protect your health is slim to none.

As of December 10, 2021, the VAERS database recorded 20,244 deaths from the vaccine. Using the under-reporting factor (URF) of 41 determined in the recent analysis,4 there conceivably could have been an overwhelming 830,004 deaths from the vaccine in 12 months, versus the 797,503 deaths5 recorded by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention for the illness in 24 months.

Researchers and doctors have reported that the newest iteration of the coronavirus — Omicron — results in little more than cold symptoms, and as of December 17, 2021, has led to only one confirmed death in the U.K.6 The most common symptoms are a scratchy throat, headache, fatigue and runny nose.

And yet, the call and cry for vaccine mandates, public masking and vaccine passports continues. As one meme puts it: “They’re telling the unjabbed to take the jab because the jab works. And telling the jabbed to get a booster because the jab doesn’t work … while telling everyone that the unjabbed are putting the jabbed in danger by not getting a jab that didn’t protect the jabbed.”

Swedish Company Promoting Implanted Vaccine Passports

On the surface, Swedish company Epicenter is promoting the company’s biochip technology to monitor and track vaccine status, but the future likely holds more. The firm used a short video clip to showcase the implant that can store data and then be read by any device using near field communication (NFC) protocol.7

The technology is currently in use with other applications,8 such as mobile wallets and accepting payments at the point of sale. Unlike Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the interaction must be within an extremely short range, normally a few centimeters. NFC devices can also be used bidirectionally, which means that it can act as a reader or a tag.

The National Post9 reports that thousands in Sweden are having these microchips inserted between their thumbs and index fingers. In 2017, CNBC10 reported Epicenter was using the implants in their workers to open doors, operate printers and purchase goods on the company campus.

At the time, the co-founder and CEO of Epicenter, Patrick Mesterton, told CNBC11 that “The biggest benefit I think is convenience.” The idea was to replace communication devices such as credit cards or keys. It’s the same technology that’s been used in pets or packages to track deliveries. Mesterton said he originally had doubts but then compared the data-gathering implant with pacemakers that control your heartbeat.

In 2017, CNBC12 reported approximately 150 workers had been implanted. By 2018, the National Post13 reported that 3,500 people in Sweden had been implanted with biochips. That number grew to 6,000 by 2021.14

An article in the National Post15 in 2018 postulated that Swedes were more likely to accept the implants because the Swedish biohacking culture is generally part of the transhumanist movement. Another theory is that they have been raised to share more of their personal details based on their social security system.

In addition, it appears that people have a strong faith in digital technology and a deep belief in the positive potential they believe it holds. The Swedish government is heavily invested in technology and the economy is now largely influenced by tech innovations, services and digital exports. The transhumanist movement in Sweden is built on the cultural belief that digital technology will help humans compete with AI.

Vaccine Passports Used to Leverage Hesitancy

The movement to use biochips as vaccine passports has a foundation in discrimination and not convenience. MedPage Today16 reports on a six-country study17 in which the researchers found that when vaccination proof or a recent negative test was required for people to go to public places or travel, the country saw more people taking the COVID jab.

The data showed18 that in the 20 days before policies were implemented and the first 40 days afterward, there was a greater uptick in the number accepting the genetic therapy injection. The data also showed that age was a factor in acceptance.

Individuals younger than 20 and those 20 to 49 years were more likely to get the shot when certification was required to access nightclubs, large events, leisure activities and the hospitality sector. The researchers wrote:19

“Given higher vaccine complacency and hesitancy in certain groups, such as younger people (<30 years), this intervention could be an additional policy lever to increase vaccine uptake and population-level immunity.”

In other words, the researchers suggest that using mandatory vaccination could essentially threaten individuals into receiving an injection they do not want just so they will be able to engage in society. Without a vaccination, individuals would no longer be able to access public places, public transportation and work, and without income and socialization, people would be forced to take the genetic therapy shot.

Interestingly, the study also attempted to look at the impact that the vaccine passport would have on caseloads.20 However, the data did not show what was hoped — that the vaccine passports and higher rates of vaccination reduced the number of cases. Instead, they found cases reduced in some countries and rose in others, suggesting another factor was at work influencing infection rates.

Steven Northam, director of U.K.’s BioTeq, the leading human technology implant specialist, predicted:21 “In 10 to15 years, microchipped humans will be an everyday occurrence.” Noelle Chesley, associate professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin, agrees, having told USA Today in 2017, “It will happen to everybody. Maybe not my generation, but certainly that of my kids.”22

The viral video from Sweden promoting biochip vaccine passports received mixed reviews. While some saw the move as a genius idea integrating technology into the human body, others think it is reminiscent of a sci-fi movie or possibly forerunner to the “mark of the beast” from the book of Revelations in the Bible.23

Visible and Invisible Tattoos Under Your Skin

An implanted chip is not the only way you might be marked with vaccine information. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology also announced how vaccine certificates may be injected under the skin using quantum dots a few nanometers in size.24

The technique uses transdermal patches described as being used to “label people”25 with invisible ink that can store information under the skin. The fluorescent quantum dot tags are applied at the same time as the vaccine injection. The transdermal patch has dissolvable microneedles26 that co-deliver the light-emitting microparticles and the vaccine.

The research was originally funded by the Gates Foundation and the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.27 When the dots are lit with UV light it increases the energy level of the molecules. Cell culture studies have suggested the physicochemical characteristics are one factor that creates toxicity in these quantum microdots.

Kevin McHugh, who is a member of the team working on the technology, explains that despite potential toxicity challenges, the technique could allow for “rapid inspection of vaccination history.”28 Thus far, the technology has only been used in animal experiments, but according to McHugh the technology is primarily targeted at children.29

Another form of marking your body with information is a tattoo. A 22-year-old Italian student’s ink went viral30 when a video was taken of his friends scanning the QR code tattooed on his arm. The New York Post31 describes the side effects of having QR codes tattooed on your body as the need for them “to be designed just right” and giving them time to heal to work properly.

Digital IDs Are About Control and Profit, Not Safety

While some see vaccine passports as a convenience and implanted chips as a way of keeping track of their wallet or keys, make no mistake, they are a precursor to a digital ID. Thales Digital Identity and Security company32 says they are “offering citizens unparalleled convenience and security.”

However, while promoted as something with superior convenience, digital passports don’t always work33 and ultimately will turn you into a slave in a system that profits from surveilling everything you do. The system is funded and will be administered by unelected globalists with the power to cut your access to money, health care, travel and food.

Some of the organizations behind this agenda are the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the Rockefellers, the World Bank and Bill Gates. Much of what they talk about is said using altruistic language meant to engage you in a propaganda campaign that conceals their profit motive.

In the real world, digital ID systems have proven disastrous for the average person and have resulted in marginalization and even death. For example, a random sampling34 of 18 villages in India that have implemented compulsory biometric authentication at rationing stations showed that 37% of people were unable to get their food for one reason or another.

This means only 63% of people found the system convenient and 37% were in danger of disease and death. Imagine relying on a system like this every day of your life for your banking, food, health care and everyday purchases. Canadian immunologist and geneticist Sir John Bell thinks the COVID-19 medical system could easily be repurposed as “a global program for other ailments.”35

Future mandated health treatments and vaccinations may result in your loss of freedom. For example, in several years drugs such as mandatory statin treatment as a public health measure may be required to maintain a valid passport.

Ultimately, these biometric identification systems allow private companies to profit from your personal data.36 Many have already been siphoning your online data and selling it to anyone willing to pay.37 However, a biometric identification system will allow them to profit from your very identity, while simultaneously enslaving you to the system.

Natural Immunity Surpasses Shot-Induced Protection

It is crucial that you take a minute to remember that natural immunity surpasses any vaccine-induced protection. Medical science is proving these vaccines have been useless and irrational. Daniel Horowitz calls forced vaccination the 800-pound gorilla in the pandemic.38

August 25, 2021, in an article in The Blaze,39 he reported there are at least 15 studies that show natural immunity from the previous infection is more robust and longer-lasting than what you get from the COVID-19 genetic therapy injection.

The data show that vaccine immunity rapidly wanes regardless of the variance. To boost your immunity, health leaders want you to take a booster after just six months. But, according to the Mayo Clinic, as of July 2021, Pfizer’s COVID injection was only 42% effective against infection,40 which doesn’t meet the Food and Drug Administration’s requirement of 50% efficacy41 for COVID vaccines.

Steps to Impede the Threat of Vaccine Mandates and Passports

Investigative reporter James Corbett of The Corbett Report Solution Watch42 explores how we can thwart the threat of vaccine mandates and passports. He stresses there is no one-size-fits-all solution across the world. In an earlier article, I listed some general suggestions Corbett makes to address this:

1. Legal challenges to the vaccine mandates — A variety of legal resources can be found on The Corbett Report’s September Open Thread.43 A thread by HomeRemedySupply, in particular, contains a long list of legal resources for Americans looking to combat vaccine mandates, including vaccine exemption documents and much more.44 The Corbett Report Show Notes45 also list a variety of resources.

Another resource is The Solari Report,46 where you can download a variety of forms. You can also pursue religious and medical exemptions. Just keep in mind that while this might temporarily save the livelihoods of some, it does virtually nothing to protect you or anyone else from tyranny in the long term.

2. Workarounds that don’t necessitate facing the problem head-on — This includes such things as setting up a network of like-minded people to create parallel economies and resources47 and getting involved in local politics, your children’s school board, where you can apply pressure and affect change from the inside. You can also sign petitions, such as the British

3. Peaceful protests and demonstrations — There are mass protests taking place all over the world. Keep in mind that this strategy requires patience and above all persistence. Doing it once or twice will accomplish little.

The French have been taken to the streets by the hundreds of thousands every weekend for months. Our leaders are clearly not easily or rapidly swayed by these displays of solidarity but, over time, peaceful protests can be effective.

4. The ultimate solution: noncompliance — At the end of the day, the most effective long-term solution is mass noncompliance. It’s important to realize that it’s not our politicians who are running the show. They’re foot soldiers for unnamed, unelected globalists, which is why fighting in the political arena is unlikely to eliminate this threat over the long term.

As noted by Corbett, the technocrat globalists that are the real string-pullers are only able to do what they do because people tend to just go along with it. It’s that simple. If enough people don’t comply, their plans fall apart.

If millions of people refuse to comply with the mandates and the passports and then sue their employers when they’re fired, if millions force the establishment to go through that hassle, the establishment will eventually cave. As noted by Corbett, it would become mathematically impossible for them to enforce tyranny. Ultimately, that’s how we win.