Douglas MacGregor and Michael Vlahos Discuss Ukraine-Russia Conflict

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This a must watch video for anyone who wants some honest analysis on the Ukraine-Russia conflict and its significance to Russia. The video is a bit long, but absolutely worth it.

Colonel Douglas MacGregor (advisor to President Trump and former Desert Storm tank commander) and Dr. Michael Vlahos (Naval War College, Johns Hopkins professor, and former US State Department official) provide very insightful analysis on the Ukraine-Russia conflict that you just won’t hear from the corporate media.

Both of these gentleman are true experts and offer some sobering perspective on geopolitics, the growing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, NATO, and the US military.

Throughout the discussion they also provide a significant amount of military history to frame current events. More important, they offer a perspective on how Russia views NATO expansion, which goes unmentioned by the Western mainstream media.

Perhaps all is not as it seems when in comes to Ukraine, Russia, NATO, and the current state of the U.S. military. Very interesting indeed.