Dr. Oz Quits Show, Runs for Senate to Hold Fauci Accountable

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by Dr. Joseph Mercola

dr oz takes aim at dr fauci


  1. The Dr. Oz Show, now in its 13th season, is slated to end January 14, 2022, because Oz is running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania
  2. Oz has been criticized during the pandemic for several controversial statements that go against the official narrative
  3. Oz stated that Anthony Fauci should be held accountable for “misleading, whether willfully or unintentionally, the American public and the United States Congress”
  4. In his candidacy announcement, Oz touched on the widespread censorship that ramped up during the pandemic; he’s also criticized the handling of the pandemic, including lockdowns, noting that politicians “took away our freedom without making us safer”
  5. Years ago, I was a frequent guest on “The Dr. Oz Show,” but virtually all of the videos have been scrubbed from the internet

Years ago, I was a frequent guest on The Dr. Oz Show, but you wouldn’t know it today — virtually all the videos have been scrubbed from the internet, though I did find one from 2014, when I spoke about the benefits of astaxanthin on his show.1 At the time, Dr. Mehmet Oz was best known for his daytime television show featuring alternative and complementary health information. People were drawn to his natural, often drug-free, advice for staying well.

For instance, he’s a fan of herbal medicines. In 2014, speaking with Today, he touted the benefits of cinnamon for diabetics and prediabetics, mint for digestive health, sage oil for memory, and parsley to protect against ultraviolet radiation. He also recommended rosemary to improve alertness and described valerian root as “nature’s Valium.”2

However, the Dr. Oz Show, now in its 13th season, is slated to end January 14, 2022, because Oz is running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.3 In many markets, the show has already ended due to the Federal Communications Commission’s equal time rule, which requires that political candidates be given equal air time by television broadcasters.4

On Twitter, Oz wrote, “I’ve taken on Big Pharma, I’ve gone to battle with Big Tech, I’ve gone up against Agrochem companies, and I’ve got scars to prove it. I AM READY to take on Washington and empower the voters of Pennsylvania.”5

Oz: Fauci Should Be Held Accountable

Oz has been criticized during the pandemic for several controversial statements that go against the official narrative. Among them is his open criticism for Dr. Anthony Fauci. Speaking to the New York Post, Oz called for Fauci to be held accountable:6

“Dr. Anthony Fauci has lost the faith and confidence of the American people. It’s time for a new face talking to the American people, one that is more trusted. I believe Anthony Fauci should be held accountable for misleading, whether willfully or unintentionally, the American public and the United States Congress.”

The media has also elevated Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), to the point of near deity status, giving him the nickname “America’s doctor.”7 Ironically, Dr. Oz has also been heralded as “America’s doctor.”8

Fauci told one of his most pernicious lies — that there is no scientific evidence the coronavirus was made in a Chinese lab — in May 2020. National Geographic reported on May 4, 2020:9

“‘If you look at the evolution of the virus in bats and what’s out there now, [the scientific evidence] is very, very strongly leaning toward this could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated … Everything about the stepwise evolution over time strongly indicates that [this virus] evolved in nature and then jumped species,’ Fauci says.

Based on the scientific evidence, he also doesn’t entertain an alternate theory — that someone found the coronavirus in the wild, brought it to a lab, and then it accidentally escaped.”

Fauci’s insistence that the virus was of natural origin was instrumental in furthering the pandemic propaganda. It was not only headline news but became the basis for removing people from social media and censoring those who suggested that COVID-19 may have resulted from a man-made virus.

Meanwhile, Fauci had knowledge well before May 2020 that some experts were suspicious about the virus’ origin. He pushed the natural origin theory anyway, despite the early evidence of engineering.10

Fauci also denied that the NIAID funded coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV),11 even though documents released by a FOIA lawsuit show without doubt that grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) were used to fund GOF research at WIV, and that Fauci lied about it.12

Oz Targeted for Mentioning Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a zinc ionophore, is one of the medications that’s been blacklisted by the media; those who spoke about it have been discredited and silenced. Oz was an early supporter of the drug, telling “Fox and Friends” in April 2020 that it could be useful for treating COVID-19.

“There’s no question it’s not proven to be beneficial in the large clinical trials we expect in America, and certainly the FDA and medical societies would desire,” he said. “But these have been supported with case studies.”13 November 30, 2021, Business Insider used this as an example of Oz making “false, baseless or misleading scientific claims.”14

However, HCQ was part of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group’s (FLCCC) MATH+ protocol for the first six months of the pandemic. (They later swapped quercetin for HCQ.) At this time, the death rate for COVID-19 patients at United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC) in Houston was 4.4%, compared to a death rate of about 20% at other hospitals.15

Dr. Joseph Varon, who leads the COVID-19 unit at UMMC in Houston, spoke favorably about using HCQ in August 2020, noting that out of more than 300 COVID-19 patients treated at UMMC, they had a 95% success rate.16

Misinformation and outright lies were spun about HCQ, including fabricated research, in an apparent effort to suppress and prevent its widespread use. Other physicians, including Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a practicing physician in a Jewish community in Monroe, New York, have had great success using HCQ for COVID-19.17

However, in June 2020, the NIH halted a clinical trial of HCQ after stating that, while the drug wasn’t harmful, it also wasn’t beneficial to hospitalized patients.18 Backlash ensued following the NIH announcement, and FLCCC phased out the use of HCQ in its protocols. Over-the-counter alternatives to HCQ include EGCG (green tea extract) and quercetin, both of which are zinc ionophores and therefore work much like HCQ does.

HCQ does have other mechanisms of action besides being a zinc ionophore, so it’s a better choice, but if you simply cannot get it, EGCG or quercetin are viable stand-ins. Additional benefits of HCQ, according to Zelenko, include:

  • Inhibiting viral entry into the cytoplasm, in part by changing the pH
  • Inhibiting cytokine storms through anti-inflammatory properties
  • Stabilizing red blood cells, which improves oxygenation

Oz Criticized Handling of Pandemic, Including Lockdowns

In his candidacy announcement, Oz touched on the widespread censorship that ramped up during the pandemic and is still ongoing, stating, “dissenting opinions from leading scholars were ridiculed and canceled so their ideas could not be disseminated.”19 He also criticized the handling of the pandemic, noting that politicians “took away our freedom without making us safer.”20 Regarding lockdowns, Oz stated:21

“Elites with yards told those without yards to stay inside, where the virus was more likely to spread. And the arrogant, closed-minded people in charge closed our parks, shuttered our schools, shut down our businesses, and took away our freedom.”

Whether or not lockdowns and other restrictive measures worked to reduce COVID-19 deaths continues to be a topic of great debate, but data against them deserve to see the light of day. For instance, in the U.S., Florida has stood out for its refusal to buy into the draconian public health measures that were adopted throughout much of the U.S. After a spring 2020 lockdown, Florida business, schools and restaurants reopened, while mask mandates were rejected.

“If Florida had simply done no worse than the rest of the country during the pandemic, that would have been enough to discredit the lockdown strategy,” John Tierney, a contributing science columnist for The New York Times, stated, noting that the state acted as the control group in a natural experiment. By summer 2021, the results spoke for themselves:22

“Florida’s mortality rate from Covid is lower than the national average among those over 65 and also among younger people, so that the state’s age-adjusted Covid mortality rate is lower than that of all but ten other states. And by the most important measure, the overall rate of ‘excess mortality’ (the number of deaths above normal), Florida has also done better than the national average.

Its rate of excess mortality is significantly lower than that of the most restrictive state, California, particularly among younger adults, many of whom died not from Covid but from causes related to the lockdowns: cancer screenings and treatments were delayed, and there were sharp increases in deaths from drug overdoses and from heart attacks not treated promptly.”

After an uptick in cases in late summer, rates plummeted by the fall. In late October 2021, Florida had one of the lowest COVID-19 daily average case rates per 100,000 residents in the U.S. “Without mandates or lockdowns, COVID-19 cases in Florida have decreased 90% since August,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “In addition to cases, hospitalizations have plummeted in our state.”23

Also since August, COVID-19 cases in school-aged children decreased 87% since school started back into session, while cases in young adults ages 18 to 24 decreased 93%24 Lieutenant Governor Nuñez added in a press release, “As Florida now ranks lowest in the continental U.S. in terms of COVID-19 rates per capita, we are proud to have stood firm in protecting liberty throughout the pandemic.”25

Others Calling for Public to ‘Wake Up’ to Fauci’s Façade

Oz is stepping into the line of fire with his comments about Fauci, joining the ranks of other courageous public figures who are putting their careers at risk to do what they feel is right. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. goes into great detail about Fauci’s offenses in his best-selling book, “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.” If you’re new to this conversation, Kennedy’s book is a great place to start.

Waking up to Fauci’s façade is necessary to understand the orchestrated, planned use of pandemics to clamp down totalitarian control. For his part, Fauci controls a $6.1 billion budget that he distributes to colleges and universities to do drug research for various diseases, and another $1.7 billion that comes from the military to do bioweapons research.26

Fauci’s connection to Bill Gates is also revealed, along with a coalition of sinister forces — intelligence agencies, pharmaceutical companies, social media titans, medical bureaucracies, mainstream media and the military — that are using a health crisis to impose totalitarian control and obliterate constitutional rights globally. It’s encouraging to see others like Oz also standing up against Fauci, in a necessary step to helping more people see the truth.