Governor Kathy Hochul Taking Credit for ‘Solving’ a Problem She Created

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File:Kathy Hochul, November 2017.jpeg

This is just rich. Another clueless bureaucrat decides to double down on stupid.

Recently appointed Tyrant of the Week, Governor Kathy Hochul, decided to risk the lives of countless New Yorkers on September 27, 2021, when she terminated thousands of state healthcare workers who refused the dangerous, untested, and ineffective Covid-19 jab.

Now, she is taking credit for “solving” the problem that she just created. Typical bureaucrat. Her solution to shooting herself and the rest of New York in the foot—setting up a 24/7 Operations Center to monitor the healthcare staffing operations and trends across the state. Brilliant!

Well, I can tell you how it’s going to play out Kathy Hochul. When you limit the supply of something, yet demand stays the same or increases, you get shortages. Yes, shortages! But, I’m betting that this is probably what you want, since you will have another problem to fix. My guess is that you and your cronies will then come up with some kind of rationing scheme, one that benefits your financial supporters and constituents at the expense of everyone else.

Self-imposed shortages of trained healthcare workers will create severe shortages in healthcare delivery. This will make the ‘pandemic’ even worse, not to mention the routine delivery of all other non-covid medical services.

I suppose Kathy The Great thinks that these fired healthcare workers were just extras, and there are a surplus of well-trained back-benchers eagerly waiting to get into the healthcare game. Or, perhaps she thinks they are grown on trees. Where exactly are you going to get all those experienced healthcare workers Governor Hochul? The National Guard? Philippines? Canada? And, if you can find them, how long will it take to staff them at functional level?

Meanwhile, the health of all New Yorkers is being put in jeopardy.


The Governor in her own words: