Leaving “Sesame Street” and the Dangers of Collectivism and Censorship

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A must watch video! The prophetic Piper James.

Wow! This guy has talent. We need more young artists like Piper James who are communicating messages of liberty and freedom in their art. This message is more important now than ever. Piper James’ song is a cautionary tale about collectivism using the characters of Sesame Street. Simply brilliant.

The current toxic environment of censoring ideas not approved by the social justice crowd or reigning political establishment will only lead to the annihilation of art—and eventually all other aspects of western civilization and culture. These oppressive tyrants need to be called out, and their collectivist actions must be exposed. Piper James delivers.

Censorship serves only to control thought with an end goal of controlling action. It is collectivism at its core, and it is a time-honored strategy of tyrants. I hope we will hear more from this artist and others like him. We desperately need their voices in the fight for liberty — before it’s too late.

I think it’s probably time we all get away from “Sesame Street.”

Be sure to check out Piper James’ music at SoundCloud.