Medical Mafia Is Sinking the Health Care System

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Summary and Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola:

Jodi O’Malley, a registered nurse who works for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Indian Health Services branch in Phoenix, Arizona, is blowing the whistle on COVID jab injuries.

A DHHS emergency room physician admits no one is reporting COVID jab injuries, even though it’s required for emergency use medications.

According to media reports, unvaccinated COVID patients are causing health care systems to be overwhelmed. Health care systems in Idaho, Alaska and Montana have started rationing health care based on probability of survival.

What many media outlets are not addressing is that medical resources are under strain due to the enormous numbers of trained medical staff either resigning or getting red for refusing the COVID jab.

Public health data are being massively manipulated and then wielded as a weapon to justify egregious power grabs and governmental overreaches. In the process, the medical profession has been pushed to the edge of a moral void where patients are viewed as disposable based on their medical choices.