Pandemic of the Vaccinated – What the Media Won’t Report

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This is just a taste of what the corporate media is not reporting when it comes to the Covid-19 jabs. It is a pandemic of the vaccinated.

Of course, main stream corporate media wants you to believe otherwise, but we should not be surprised or hoodwinked. After all, who do you think pays their bills?

Don’t let anyone, family included, manipulate or gaslight you into getting the jab. It’s your body and your choice. You must weigh the cost-benefits carefully and according to your individual circumstances, just as Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers did.

There are many risks associated with the Covid-19 “vaccines”. Moreover, despite what the corporate media and propagandists tell us, we now have many excellent treatment options for Covid-19.

Choose wisely. Your livelihood and life may depend on it.