“People Will Die” and Social Control

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As many great economists know, there are really no solutions in life; there are only trade-offs. Everything we do in life requires some amount of cost-benefit analysis, some amount of trade-off. Predictably, the “people will die” argument is usually employed by those seeking to shut down any critical discussion or comparative analysis of trade-offs.

“People will die” is a technique that elicits fear emotions to trigger our limbic system and short-circuit the mental processing of our executive brain (pre-frontal cortex). Without the involvement of the executive brain, we are left to rely on our primordial instincts to solve complicated problems. Not good.

Fear is one of the most essential elements of effective propaganda campaigns and social control. Joseph Goebbels knew this and that an appeal to emotion was absolutely critical in an effective propaganda campaign. Anthony Fauci and our government overlords also certainly know this. Not surprisingly, the Covid-19 fear meter is always pegged at 11.

If you hear these words uttered melodramatically from any politician or government bureaucrat, rest assured that an all-out assault on your liberty is not far behind. Remy Munasafi clearly know this. Go Remy!