Protect the Vaccinated from the Unvaccinated…Uhhh, What Mr. President?

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If the purpose of getting a vaccine is to prevent you from getting a disease, but it doesn’t prevent you from getting the disease or even transmitting the disease, then why get the vaccine? More importantly, why mandate a risky vaccine that doesn’t work? Something doesn’t smell right.

Experimental and untested Covid-19 injections might make sense for some individuals, but most people do not want to take on a substantial risk for little to no gain. A decision of this magnitude and complexity can only be properly made by patients and their trusted medical advisors–not by the government and its corporate minions. The vilification of the unvaccinated is simply unconscionable.

The gig is up Mr. President. Time for you to go back to your basement. The people are awakening to this tyrannical insanity.

Hear him explain in his own words: