Racism Is Wrong No Matter Who Is on Its Receiving End

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As Paul Craig Roberts explains in his September 17 article, Fired for Being White, the British Arts Council’s diversity policy has resulted in the termination of half of the English Touring Opera’s white musicians. The is simply stunning, but in this age of Marxist woke-ism I am not surprised.

Dr. Roberts, who is an economist and former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury under President Reagan, published a book about this alarming trend, The New Color Line, over 25 years ago!

Racism is wrong no matter who is on its receiving end.

Fired for Being White

September 17, 2021

Paul Craig Roberts

The British Arts Council has appeared as another assassin of white people.  The British Arts Council’s policy of “diversity” has resulted in the English Touring Opera firing half of its orchestral musicians for being white.

Think about this.  You are a person with the desire and discipline to master a musical instrument and become a member of a performing orchestra.  You have done well and have been a long-time member of the orchestra of the English Touring Opera, but suddenly you and half the orchestra get messages that you count for nothing and are fired because you are the wrong color.

Pick any professional occupation, and you get the same result.

So much for “white privilege.”

“Increased diversity” is merely a code word for sidetracking white people and depriving them of career and livlihood.  As I pointed out in my book, The New Color Line (1995), the regime of racial quotas established, illegally, by the EEOC was intentional reverse discrimination in which the coercive  power of government was used to discriminate against white people. The way the Civil Rights Act was enforced undermined the 14th Amendment it was supposed to support.  My book got rave revenues even from the liberal media, but nothing was done to correct the situation.

So here we are today.  White people in the white Western World are being disappeared from orchestras, advertisements, movies (even Snow White is now black as is James Bond and Jedi knights), presidential appointees and federal service, university faculties, corporate boards, managers, military officers.  

Try to imagine today doing for whites what is done for blacks:  Hiring and promoting whites because of skin color, firing blacks to make room for whites, blaming all failures of white people on black people, appropriating benefits for whites paid for by blacks, creating a political correctness in which whites are always right and blacks always wrong, establishing an Identity politics in which blacks are the oppressors and all others their victims.

White Americans are so demonized that they are in a worse position than Jews under Nazi Germany and are on a path to a similar fate. The situation is worse in the United States, because it is white people who are persecuting white people.  In Germany the Jews didn’t turn against themselves.

The merit system is destroyed.  Merit is declared a “white construct” and racist.  The allegation that white people only got where they got because of racist privilege is being used to dispossess white people.  Now all is rectified.  You get where you get because of skin color, and black is the preferential color.

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