Scotland and COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases – Should We Be Concerned?

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Source: Public Health Scotland COVID-19 Statistical Report (as of 8/31/2021)

I find this data from Public Health Scotland to be potentially alarming. I think it’s certainly something we should continue to watch closely.

In analyzing the data, it appears that the number of fully vaccinated people (two doses) from August 20 to August 27, 2021, increased by only 3.8%. However, the number of “breakthrough” Covid-19 cases in these fully vaccinated more than doubled (from 6,922 to 14,346). That’s a 107% increase, and this data is suggesting an increasing trend.

Several medical doctors, including an inventor of mRNA vaccine technology Dr. Robert Malone, have have been stressing that the mRNA and adenovector Covid-19 injections might cause Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), which is also sometimes referred to as Paradoxical Immune Enhancement (PIE). Should we be concerned?