Society Confirmed: America’s Declining Native-born Population Is Due to Ideology

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by Tim Kirby via Strategic Culture Foundation

We are wallowing in the sludge at the bottom of a mental abyss of Hedonism that we need to pull ourselves out from in order for our cultures to continue into the future.

One of the most frustrating and obfuscated topics that can be discussed is population and demographics. This is due to the mainstream public’s view on this issue seeming to be both very well sculpted and going completely unquestioned. Generally, even people who are supposedly Conservative and even Religious are sure that the “world is overpopulated” and that humanity at the very least needs to be somewhat downsized. Eugenics has sadly come full circle and come for us as a whole apparently. But there are many people out there who believe that having their kind of folk, whoever they may be, should continue on into the future and multiply fruitfully. This article is for those who see dwindling populations as a bad thing for the future of humanity. Some new statistics confirm the least spoken of solution for demographic decline that I have been screaming about for the last decade. There is hope, if at the very least for my sanity.

Pew Research has conducted polling over several years that shows that the problem of demographics being faced by (ironically) the wealthiest countries on Earth is ideological in nature and that the excuses most people make as to not having any children are inauthentic and I can prove they are invalid. But more importantly, they are a minority opinion. Most simply do not know why they are demotivated from doing the most natural biological function of any being – reproduction.

Firstly, we cannot forget that any polling in regards to the motivation of human beings has to be taken with a grain of salt. We are emotional animals and our subconscious mind, instincts and base desires weigh heavily on our decision making. If asked why we buy Coke over Pepsi we are unlikely to say that it has to do with the can being red, even though 60% of our purchasing decisions are based on something as seemingly meaningless as color. However, before we get to the specific stated motivations of the respondents we need to take a look at the blanket answer to the question of “will Americans choose to have children?”.

Roughly speaking, as you see in the graphic above, half of adults with no children have no desire to bear any offspring and the overwhelming majority of those that have at least one child are not planning to have any more. This is the big demographic downward spiral in pure numbers that we have all seen happening in front of our faces. But the question is why would any group of humans voluntarily desire to go extinct. When you have half of your population making zero children, and 2/3 of those with one kid calling it quits, your society is going to die out, shouldn’t the instincts to survive kick in at some point? Why is this happening?

The reason is ideological. We live in a society that is both Liberal (believes the individual is sacred) and highly Secular (there is no group or divine pressure to tell us what to do). Essentially, we have lived under Liberalism so long that it is hard to imagine an existence that is anything other than “self-centric”. Although brilliant men built the ideology of America in the late 1700s, they could not have predicted that over many generations their heroic Enlightenment values, praising the rights and sanctity of the individual, would turn into an excuse for Hedonism on a scale unseen in human history. If the individual is all that matters, why not live life for one’s own pleasure? In our Postmodern society, no one owes anyone anything, so why burden yourself with the ultimate buzzkill – children? Plus, the Seven Deadly Sins are a lot of fun!

Speaking of which, the decline of Religion only furthers the tendency of Hedonism that is created by Liberalism. When there is no community or God to tell us what we should and should not do, we again default back to Hedonism. The old joke “It’s easy to become a Catholic, if something feels good – don’t do it” remains very true, the problem is that without someone in the sky to tell us to keep our desires and instincts in check we all want to live lives of gluttony and pleasure, so now we live by the logic that “if it feels good… yeah just do it” and initially taking care of others and making sacrifices for our progeny feels very painful to our blackened Liberal hearts that so desperately want weed, pizza and Welfare.

Children require a lot of effort, especially to raise properly, as in not bearing them for the heck of it, then dumping them off at day care to be raised by paid randos. The idea of parenthood, of putting effort into creating more people at great expense and energy for the future of society/humanity is directly at odds with Liberalism + Secularism. In fact, you can see it dripping from the answers as to why the childless want to remain so. Let’s take a look at their responses and make some suppositions as to what they actually mean.

  • 56% Just Don’t Want to Have Children
    This could be most simply translated as raw Hedonism – “I live for myself and I don’t owe anyone anything”. This is the shortsighted view that somehow the pittance that Social Security provides will replace the loving help of children in old age. It is a shame that we do not tell the population that the best insurance policy is a close-knit family. All-State and Geico have some lovely commercials but the help of a loyal relative far outweighs their copay plans. People in the past understood that they needed each other and that interdependence was a normal part of society. The Liberal arrogance that teaches us that we as individuals “can do it all” and that we “don’t need anyone” blinds us from the need to have a family and children, especially when we do not recognize our obvious dependence on the State.
  • 19% Medical Reasons
    This is a legitimate reason to pass on children. Although some may be overinflating the risk as an excuse.
  • 17% Financial Reasons
    The idea that one needs a lot of money to have children is another piece of cursed logic stemming from the average American’s complete lack of knowledge of history. For centuries, humanity, living in cramped quarters, at the risk of death from childbirth, with very limited resources, and zero guarantees that a baby would make it to adulthood, fought to create progeny that would go on into the future. Conditions in the past were awful, life was “brutish and short” and yet there were plenty of children around. If any time was a good time to have kids it would be now, homo sapiens are the richest they have ever been!But even if you are at the bottom of society living in a trailer park or the ghetto with little hope of escape, that is still no reason to not have children. Roughly speaking, about 1.5 out of 10,000 people commit suicide, meaning that the absolute majority of us would rather exist, even in shocking poverty, even in dire suffering, than take their own life. Not being able to buy a child a PS5 is no reason not to bring them into the world as 99.9%+ of us want to live regardless of our problems.
  • 15% No Partner

Liberalism can be freeing, but it can also be isolating. The idea that a society is best made up of completely atomized individuals is flawed logic. We often blame technology for the rise of the “Incel Community” and the death of the family but systemic Liberalism and extreme Secularism should take the lion’s share of the blame. We are becoming a broken isolated horde of individuals and no one can force us to socialize or conquer our fears. More and more Americans are becoming completely unable to function in society and even just meaningless sex is not even on the table anymore, we are alone tapping on our phones and punching away at our keyboards.

  • 10% Age
    If you are a woman over 40, then yeah you are out of luck, however men have no excuse as we mostly build wealth with age. Our provider function just gets better with time. Many men are terrified of being taken to the cleaners after a divorce and in many ways, instead of men amassing wealth to have a wife and kids, they now reject a wife and kids to try to gain said potential wealth. Socially we are living in very backward times. In the past established men had lots of children, and men were pushed to achieve much earlier in life thus having more time for more children. 
  • 9% State of the World

Again, since very few people commit suicide, the world at its worst isn’t bad enough to choose non-existence. This is a non-excuse.

  • 5% Climate Change/Environment
    The only people who worry about this are in the most under populated and eco-friendly nations to begin with. This is a non-excuse.
  • 2% Partner Doesn’t Want Kids

There is a mistaken belief that it is women who decide about having kids. In many ways it is male aggression that drove us to achieve and want to put our last name on everything we could. Limp-wristed Beta-males are not going to fight to make sure that their family line continues, or go out and try to build their own house to make use of limited resources. Weak men are just as deadly to the family as bloated Feminists and their Secular Liberalism. Male aggression is what drives populations up, not guilting women into giving birth.

For those of you reading this in nations like Hungary, Poland or Russia that desperately want to change course demographically, you need to reject unfettered Liberalism and extreme Secularism right now. The West is probably doomed because it is built on this very same rotting ideological foundation. Liberalism isn’t part of the West – it is the West. So, they are in all likelihood stuck riding this out till the end. I very much so hope to be wrong about this. And who knows? America can be full of pleasant surprises and could find some way to nudge the country towards Illiberalism without touching even one letter of the brilliance of the U.S. The Constitution.

Paying people to have children is a good motivator and programs of the like from Putin and Orban have been successful, but this is secondary. We are wallowing in the sludge at the bottom of a mental abyss of Hedonism that we need to pull ourselves out from in order for our cultures to continue into the future. The problem of demographic decline is mental, ideological, and spiritual in nature, thus the answers to it are in kind.