Spotlighting the Hypocritical – A Simple Strategy for Resisting Tyranny

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Those in positions of power hate to be mocked and called out for their hypocrisy–especially when they are caught red-handed engaging in a “rules for thee, but not for me” situation. Needless to say, governments worldwide have certainly produced their share of Covid-19 hypocrites (here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). They must be called out for what they truly are — fakes.

A sense of fairness is hardwired in us all, and we should be vigilant in spotlighting those in power who find it unnecessary to adhere to their own tyrannical policies. These are golden opportunities to expose and shame duplicitous “public servants” for who they actually are–power hungry tyrants–while spreading and encouraging the alternative of liberty.

Similarly, highlighting our government overlords’ ludicrous, arbitrary, and inconsistent authoritarian mandates with mocking humor can be equally effective, especially in reaching people who don’t have a strong or direct attachment to the issue. It arouses our general sense of fairness, which like fear, runs deep in all of us. It can also expose a broader audience to an issue in a way that is highly relatable.

Remy Munasifi is absolutely masterful in his use of mocking humor. Go Remy!