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Washington Simultaneously Demonizes Russia, China, Iran, and Its Own White Majority Population while Democrats Enforce Covid Tyranny

by Paul Craig Roberts via Institute for Political Economy Can Free Florida Survive? Florida has a large Cuban population, but it also has a large Jewish population, people who made their money and retired in a sunny land without freezing temperatures. Most of the Jews understand the benefits of Florida’s openness under Governor DeSantis, but, […]

Governor DeSantis’ Spokeswoman Sets Covid-19 Vaccine Zealot Straight

Au contraire! Christina Pushaw, spokeswoman for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, sets a Covid-19 injection zealot straight. According to Ms. Pushaw, more than half of the patients in south Florida getting monoclonal antibody treatment for Covid-19 had been been vaccinated and are dealing with “breakthrough” infections. Those of you who have been following this blog, however, […]