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We’re Living in a Chaos Economy. Here’s How to End It.

written by Mark Thornton The Federal Reserve has been increasing the money supply at an explosive rate. The federal budget, deficits, and the trade deficit are record levels. Governments, both foreign and domestic, have locked down people, restricting production and consumption. How should this be viewed by an economist? There is clearly chaos in […]

The Biggest Federal Reserve Scandal

written by Ron Paul september 27, 2021 Following revelations that Federal Reserve officials made trades in financial assets while the Fed was taking extraordinary efforts to “stimulate” the economy, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell ordered a review of the Fed’s ethics rules. While these trades appear problematic, they pale in comparison to the biggest Fed […]

The Debt Ceiling Charade and Fed Ass’t Printing

September 26, 2021 The on-going debt ceiling drama is an annual tradition that allows both sides of the political aisle to appear principled and stately in the eyes of their constituents. In reality it is just one giant grandstanding event–pro wrestling for politicians. In 2011, Gary North captured the essence of this ritual melodrama in […]