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Probiotics Improve Long COVID

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY-AT-A-GLANCE Probiotics reduced muscle fatigue and brain fog, two symptoms of long COVID, after only 14 days; this may have a significant impact on the nearly 12 million people who experience long COVID symptoms Poor gut microbiome diversity also predicts greater severity of COVID-19; some health experts recommend postbiotics in the […]

Long Haul Covid and Thymosin Alpha 1

by Dr. Valerie Donaldson via Regenerative Medicine Center Long Haul Covid Definition It is estimated approximately 25-40% of individuals who have recovered from Covid will continue to experience Covid symptoms.1   These same Covid symptoms can also be seen after vaccinations.  Most commonly symptoms are severe joint pains, cognitive decline, shortness of breath especially with exertion, […]

Treatment Ideas for Long-Haul Covid-19 Sufferers

In this video Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Al Johnson have a very important discussion on the treatment of long-haul Covid-19, sometimes referred to as long covid. Both doctors offer effective treatment strategies they’ve used in treating their patients who have been suffering long covid symptoms. These strategies include the use of aspirin, steroids, colchicine, […]