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Stupidity, Evil and the Decline of the US

by Doug Casey via International Man (Today’s article is an adaptation from one of Doug’s speeches.) It used to be that America was a country of free thinkers. “Say what you think, and think what you say.” That’s an expression you don’t hear much anymore. It’s much more like the world of 1984 where everything […]

Russia, Ukraine, and the Battle for the World Order

by Nick Giambruno via International Man The rules-based international order… The liberal international order… The international community… You undoubtedly have heard the media and politicians use these strange and vague phrases. They are describing the current world order or architecture for international political relations between countries. World orders are nothing new. It’s how the big […]

Do Americans Have a Future?

by Paul Craig Roberts Yes, but not a good one. To begin with, it is very difficult for Americans to get any accurate information. Democracy cannot survive when the media is a lie factory serving secret agendas and politicians are servants of the special interests that provide their election funds. Not only is Congress’ ability […]