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Recycling in North Vancouver

by Walter Block via International Man I don’t know how this is done in Vancouver and its other suburbs, but in North Vancouver, the law mandates compulsory recycling. If you don’t, in addition to a fine, the garbage men (Sanitation Engineers, nowadays) will decline to pick up your refuse. You are required to do this […]

Russia and Ukraine

by Walter E. Block via Ron Paul Institute Suppose that Brazil had invaded a relatively peaceful United States several times in the last century. The foreign policy of the latter country would surely be to arrange for a cordon sanitaire south of its border. That would pretty much be the be all and end all of […]

Doug Casey on How Economic Witch Doctors Convince Everyone They’re Neurosurgeons

by Doug Casey via International Man International Man: The average person doesn’t care about economics. But to the extent that he does, he only reads mainstream publications like The Economist and editorials in The New York Times. In these publications, the average person will find so-called economists advocating upside-down and destructive concepts like negative interest […]