The Future of Farming According to Bill Gates

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Summary and Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

  • Bill Gates owns a minimum of 242,000 acres of U.S. farmland in Washington, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, California and multiple other states. 
  • Gates has a big vision for all that land, but unfortunately it doesn’t involve organic, biodynamic or regenerative farming methods, which are needed to heal ecosystems and produce truly sustainable, nourishing food for future generations. 
  • Gates, along with Pat Brown, founder of imitation meat company Impossible Foods, supports GMOs, agricultural chemicals and technology as the future of farming. 
  • Gates believes switching to synthetic beef is the solution to reducing methane emissions; Impossible Foods was co-funded by Google, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. 
  • When you own the land, you also own the water that’s beneath it; for those who control resources like food and water, power is limitless.