The Privilege of Getting Punched in The Face

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Crop unrecognizable fighter in protective glove punching in face of young ethnic male opponent during boxing workout

by Allan Stevo via

Let’s face it, American society is weak. And the generations being raised up are the weakest of all. So many individuals, walking through the day, looking around at the culture, cannot come up with a reason for the culture to continue to exist.

So many just want to get through the day and go back to their Netflix, or video games, or smut. They may also be eager to get back to their kitchen to fill themselves with the only things they know about cultures full of individuals that have a will to perpetuate their own culture – food.

Tzatziki is what they know of the Greeks; humus is what they know of the Arabs.

Those people will kill and die for their language and culture. They will rape and pillage for their language and culture. Yes, I said rape – it is one of the most common methods of genetic spreading over the history of human civilization.

Many Americans, like the late Romans, have little will to perpetuate the culture around them. Romans had lead in their water – a sin in the United States. The lead made their culture heavy, docile, disinterested in even reproducing some historians believe. What is the excuse for Americans?

I am not sure how much chemicals are to blame and how much empire was to blame. There is a necessary decline in morality that seems to come with empire. But in terms of chemicals, the Americans have Rome beat – fluoride in the drinking water, who knows what in the shots being administered to everyone now several times a year from childhood onward, Round Up in everything, DDT and PCBs remain in everyone’s fat cells, plastic micro particles are now an indelible part of your body. That is just the tip of the iceberg, and lead in the water is the bigger concern we are assured.

A part of the potent psychological battle is to distract with frivolity, while winning massive victories in areas that matter.

Chemicals disable the individual. Empire degrades morality. Unsound money makes a population look at its slavery and smile – thereby the term “slave money.” Never expect any of that to be dealt with clearly in the nightly news.

It is all meant to lull everyone into complacency. From cradle to grave, it is all meant to lull everyone into complacency. There is an inconvenient detail of childhood that makes that lulling nearly impossible for some.

In the midst of all of that lulling, there is nothing as eye opening as getting punched in the face. Get punched in the face too much and you end up with the shakes like the late Mohammed Ali, get punched in the face growing up by another kid and the world looks unmistakably different from that point forward.

It is good for kids to fight – especially little boys. It is good to figure out those mechanics, to take a punch and to roll with it, and give a punch and to keep going. It is good for kids to let that out and to do as little boys often do – to go back to playing football the next day with each other like the fight never happened. Or more commonly today – to go back to playing the effeminized version of American football – soccer. Feel free to imagine a vomit emoji inserted here.

As two kids are having a fight, the natural thing for a mother to do is to run over and ride to the rescue. This is natural. This is fine. This is also one reason why helicopter parenting is bad. At some point, kids must be allowed to go roam the streets without mom’s oversight. But worse than the helicopter parenting, is the all-encompassing 24/7 inescapable “helicopter parenting” of the feminized era in which we live.

The masculine is practically non-existent. The best you can find is hurt boys in positions of power dressed up like a man. Has anyone seen Justin Trudeau give a press conference lately?

Boys punch each other, bloody each other’s noses, then move on. Girls have a harder time with that. For a girl, a fight can last a lifetime. Fist fights for boys are a natural rite of passage that helps them recognize force, recognize conflict, recognize the power in themselves, and limitation in themselves, recognize restraint, develop the cussedness to pull through, summon the will to survive. These become resources accessible for an entire lifetime. It is a very different thing if developed in adulthood, in which the controlled setting of a Krav Maga class is no substitute. The very idea that there are classes for fighting demonstrates the all-encompassing feminized nature of the era.

Fighting, as well, provides another benefit. It is the in your face, unmistakable nature of reality. If that reality comes in your face enough, you learn to develop a wisdom, an awareness, for reality, that helps prevent reality from ending up punching you in the face again.

You do not shy from it. That would be cowardice. You accept that sometimes you will get punched in the face for doing what is right. You learn to make calculated risks. You learn to read the world around you and interpret what is needed to gauge the situation.

There was a time in which America built tall buildings because it could, because it was the greatest, and because it wanted all to marvel in the glory of the greatness of that freedom and prosperity America enjoyed. It did so shamelessly. It worshiped God shamelessly. It proclaimed its values shamelessly.

It is hard to imagine a single sentence coming out of the mouths of many Americans without doubt, sarcasm, or shame laced into it. That is a sign of many in a culture having no will to perpetuate that culture.

In such bygone eras, it is no coincidence that America so beautifully reigned in many sports, among them boxing. The heavyweight boxer was a thing of splendor. A red meat eating, trash talking, warrior who entered the ring and fought mercilessly and strategically for the glory of victory.

One such boxer, the underrated Mike Tyson, pointed out, “Everyone has a plan until he gets punched in the face.”

A punch in the face from a peer brings reality painfully and unmistakably into your immediate focus of attention. It develops the individual in a special way. I can walk down the street and if thinking about it, can spot thirty- and forty-year-old men who have never been punched in the face. They wear that detail in their demeanor.

The sum of those men is a culture never punched in the face, with mother just a stone’s throw away, ready to come save the day, so a boy never need fight his battles, and so he grows into an advanced age being he who never fights his own battles, always seeking to pawn them off on one of the many highly feminized layers of bureaucracy surrounding him – insurance, the courts, HR, government, the list is endless. All of them address matters that a good fist fight could easily remedy, or better yet – the generally more useful adult equivalent of that – a frank, face-to-face conversation.

That is something American culture has little will for. So many are so eager to turn to mother, or the aptly named “nanny state,” to deal in complicated and contorted fashion with matters that are so easy to solve. Instead of fighting the fight and moving on with life, win or lose, they are then left in a perpetual, years long struggle in which that fight occupies so much time and energy. Consequently, focus on the things that matter in life is lost.

Isn’t it good to know that the weak will of most people do not matter? Weak wills have never mattered. In ancient times, it was the ultra minority “Remnant” that continued a culture. Today, it is those same awoken lions who continue a culture. The rest will predictably bring about their own demise. Don’t be lulled into complacency alongside them. Unplug the TV and defenestrate the thing, throw out the smut, ask the hard questions, take the most important matters of life into your hands, and also do not be afraid to let your kids know the joys and especially the pains of fighting their own fights.

It is upon such things that a new America will be built.

Boys need a dose of reality. Boys need to get punched in the face once in a while. It is one of the differences that helps separate them from girls and to help grow into men. Healthy boys are one of the building blocks of a healthy society. Tussles between boys are one of the building blocks of a healthy boy.

The face mask mandates are a distraction from the reality of the situation. Those who put their faith in masks miss that. More importantly, face mask mandates are also an opportunity to have the adult equivalent of a school yard fist fight — the frank, face-to-face conversation. If you still wear a mask and don’t want to be wearing a mask, you need this book, these articles, and these videos shared with anyone on this list. If you think face masks are safe for anyone to wear, you need this book — “Face Masks Hurt Kids”, which talks about how face masks harm everyone. 

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