This Is What Civil Disobedience Looks Like

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Charles Faddis of AND Magazine highlights how the federal government really is a toothless tiger when the people push back. Most notably, Faddis’ article about the recent Southwest Airlines “sick out” proves it doesn’t take a majority to drive change. It just takes enough. A small percentage of brave liberty seekers can force the corporate purveyors of tyranny to back down. In turn, our government overlords will also back down.

Southwest Airlines pilots are heroes and should serve as an example to those who seek to resist tyranny. Liberty breathes through the loopholes–just like capitalism breathes through the loopholes. As such, we must find the loopholes, the proverbial cracks in the corporate armor, and we must exploit them.

The Southwest pilots show us how to resist the tyrannical Covid-19 jab mandates by leveraging such a “loophole.” Call in sick. Take vacation. Retire early. If necessary, let them fire you for noncompliance. This kind of pressure will ultimately compel corporate executives to reject the federal government’s solicitations to do their unconstitutional dirty work. Corporations hate to lose money, and Southwest stands to lose a lot. The federal government will take notice.

Civil disobedience properly executed can restore liberty. Refuse to comply. Refuse to consent. Just say NO!

Faddis writes,

Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate is toothlessHe cannot make it work. He cannot enforce it, and so the federal government has tried to ‘back door‘ a national vaccine mandate by pushing corporations to do their dirty work. Maybe the feds can’t really order you to take the jab, but if they can prevent you from earning a living without the vaccine, they can achieve the same objective.

It seems simple enough and strangely fitting for a government that is increasingly indistinguishable from giant multinational corporations, Big Tech, and the oligarchs that run the entire enterprise.

Except, a funny thing is happening. The people, those Neanderthals clinging to their Bibles and guns, who are supposed to do what they are told, pay taxes and fight the corporate wars are pushing back. Deserted by their elected representatives, who answer to their corporate masters, average Americans are refusing to comply.

Take a look at Southwest Airlines, and you will see exactly what this new civil disobedience looks like. You may also see the future.

Fair use excerpt. Read the rest of the article here.