UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Drops a Truth Bomb

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Wow! This is excellent. During a pre-fight interview, UFC rising star Bryce Mitchell gives an honest and unfiltered opinion on the Ukraine-Russia conflict that is more informed than most corporate media pundits.

Bryce, an Arkansas native, knows something doesn’t smell right, and he ain’t taking our politicians’ bait. Smart young man.


From Glenn Greenwald,

If you question this young man’s character or thoughtfulness, I urge you to listen to his humble post-fight victory interview as well. Bryce is the real deal.

Notably, in response to a question about his pre-fight comments regarding the conflict in Ukraine, he respectfully delivers another very astute comment and observation (minute 10:24),

“I love the Second Amendment and I love the First, and you know why we have the First?—because we have the Second.”

Well said, Mr. Mitchell, well said!