US Reports Over 15,300 COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths

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As of September 17, 2021, the National Vaccine Information Center and MedAlerts are reporting that 15,346 people have died from Covid-19 ‘vaccines’. Their data also shows that 20,789 people have been permanently disabled by the covid injections.

This is not good. We already know that the Harvard Pilgrim study found that vaccine adverse events may be under-reported by as much as 99%. So, this suggests that injuries and deaths could actually be much higher.

Now, we have reporting from the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) that casts even more doubt on the credibility of the CDC’s Covid-19 vaccine injury reporting.

ICAN points out that data from a recent Mass General Brigham study on anaphylaxsis reactions to the covid jab indicates that there are 2.47 incidents per 10,000 people. Yet, this number is apparently 50 to 120 times higher that what the CDC is reporting! Why is there such a discrepancy in numbers Dr. Walensky?

Still think that Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ are safe?