US vs El Salvador Covid-19 Comparison: Could Ivermectin Be the Difference?

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Source Image: Reddit

As of September 28, 2021, reporting from Our World in Data shows that new Covid-19 deaths per million people are approximately 3.2 times higher in the US than in El Salvador (5.99 to 1.89).

Similarly, their data also shows that confirmed new Covid-19 cases per million people in the US are 6.8 times higher than El Salvador (347.1 to 51). See charts below.

Curiously, information posted on Reddit also claims that every citizen in El Salvador is receiving an “Anti-COVID-19 Kit” free of charge from their government. The kit’s contents are abundant, cheap, and have demonstrated a strong safety record over many years; the kit includes paracetamol, aspirin, Loratadine, Azithromycin, vitamin C, vitamin D, and electrolytes.

The US wastes billions of dollars on unsafe and forced investigational (aka experimental) vaccines while denigrating many viable treatment protocols used successfully worldwide, especially in developing countries.

Could this simple cocktail of tested pharmaceuticals plus common supplements, and notably Ivermectin, possibly account for the dramatic differences between the US and El Salvador? This seems like a plausible conclusion to a very sensible approach taken by El Salvador. Perhaps the US could learn something from this small country in Central America.

Good job El Salvador!