Vaccine Mandates for Working American Citizens But Not for Illegal Immigrants

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We officially live in an Orwellian banana republic twilight zone.

US armed forces are scattered all over the world protecting “our freedoms,” making the world “safe for democracy,” and preventing the “terrorists” from breaching our sovereign borders in order to keep Americans safe, and the White House just indifferently admits that illegal immigrants, who are incidentally pouring over our southern border, are not subjected to the same coercive vaccine mandates as 80+ million US citizens–citizens our military is sworn to protect. Why not?

If the vaccine mandates are so necessary to protect the vaccinated Americans from the unvaccinated Americans, as President Biden has scoldingly declared, then why give illegal immigrants a pass?

I guess being an illegal has its perks. I wonder how one might apply for this special illegal immigration status. Can I pick up an application at my local DNC office? The freedoms granted to these illegals and the taxpayer funded treatment they receive from the US government definitely seem like a better deal–better than being forced to take a dangerous experimental gene therapy jab as the price for being a working citizen of the USA.