Vaccines — Are They Still Contributing to the Greater Good?

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This award-winning documentary, The Greater Good, was released in 2011. Hard to believe that it’s now a decade old, and yet so amazingly relevant today. It will definitely make you re-think vaccines.

Summary and Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola:

To ensure the safety of as many children as possible, we need to have an open rational discussion about vaccine safety; 30 years ago, autism affected 1 in 10,000 children.Today, it afflicts as many as 1 in 50.

If your baby has sub-optimal gut flora, vaccines can become the proverbial “last straw” —the trigger that “primes” their immune system to develop chronic health problems.

Evaluating differences in health outcomes among highly vaccinated and unvaccinated children could shed light on the vaccine safety conversation, but a large scale, well-designed study has never been done.