Vitamin D vs Coronavirus; Ron Paul vs Government ‘Public Health Experts’

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by Adam Dick via Ron Paul Institute

Early on in the coronavirus panic, government “public health experts” were advising people to stay in their homes and governments were even imposing lockdowns. In contrast, Ron Paul was saying that people’s health would be better served by their being active out in the fresh air and sunshine. Among the primary reasons Paul presented regularly at the Ron Paul Liberty Report for this counter opinion was his belief that sun exposure building people’s vitamin D levels would help them fend off danger from coronavirus as well as other health threats.

As the coronavirus panic has proceeded for around two years, more and more evidence has accumulating in support of the assertion by Paul, who practiced medicine for decades as an obstetrician, that vitamin D can help defend against coronavirus. Some of the latest support is found in a study out of Israel published last week at PLOS ONE. In the conclusion of the study, the authors note: “Our study contributes to a continually evolving body of evidence that suggests a patient’s history of vitamin D deficiency is a predictive risk factor associated with poorer COVID-19 clinical disease course and mortality.”

This conclusion should come as little surprise considering sufficient vitamin D levels have been long understood as providing benefits in enhancing immunity and health generally.

Despite the known health benefits of vitamin D, hardly ever did government “public health experts” advise people to soak up some rays or take some vitamin D pills — simple and free or low cost actions that have held great promise for protection from coronavirus. Instead, these fearmongers told people to just lock themselves away in their homes. More broadly, government “public health experts” were providing just about no advice on anything people could do ahead of time to prepare their bodies to fend off coronavirus. Further, these so-called experts were providing people, if they got coronavirus, with no recommendations of actions they could take to help counter their coronavirus infections. Just wait around to seek admission to a hospital if your health condition greatly worsens, they told people.

Only when experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots came out after rushed testing and scanty regulatory review did the government “public health experts” finally have a recommendation of something people could do to prepare their bodies to fend of coronavirus — everyone should take the “safe and effective” shots they repeatedly urged. They keep pushing this line up to today despite, from the early days of the pushing of the shots on people, the US government’s vaccine injury reporting system — the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) — has been blowing up with record-breaking reports of adverse events related to the experimental shots. Even the shots proving ineffective did not dampen the enthusiasm with which the shots were pushed.

Dr. Paul had some good advice from early on regarding improving vitamin D levels and other actions people could take to enhance their health. And he did his best to communicate that advice to as many people as he could. Unfortunately, big money media and government had a farther reach promoting purported public health experts’ messages in favor of fear, crackdowns, helplessness, and experimental shots.

Reprinted with permission from RonPaul Institute.