Warning for Parents: CDC/VAERS Reports 71 Children Died from Covid-19 Vaccines in 2021

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As of December 31, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database report that 71 children (ages 5-17) have died from the Covid-19 investigational vaccines. Keep in mind, children from 5-11 years old were only recently authorized to receive covid jabs on November 3, 2021.

This is utterly staggering!

Further, the CDC reports 283 permanent disabilities have been caused by the jabs. They also note that a total of 473 life threatening events have occurred from these gene therapy ‘vaccines.’

With 35,542 total adverse events reported and over 2,600 hospitalizations attributed to the shots, covid jabs appear remarkably unsafe for many children.


US VAERS Data Not Much Better for Children

For those who believe that VAERS data should only include US locations, the results still appear equally troubling. As we can see, VAERS reported 42 deaths from covid shots in the US (including US territories):


VAERS Underreporting

Additionally, based on the historically low reporting and underreporting associated with the VAERS database, and if we apply Steve Kirsch’s excellent analysis and Under Reporting Factor (URF) of 41, deaths in children more likely exceeded 1,700 (42 deaths x 41) at the close of 2021.

These numbers are truly horrific, especially when you consider the limited time that children have been authorized to receive the jab.

Our children deserve our protection. Subjecting them to a clearly dangerous experimental therapy for an arguably non-existent benefit just doesn’t make sense.


Parents must not allow anyone to manipulate them into forcing their children to participate in any medical therapy or global vaccine experiment. Multiple studies show that children face minimal risk from SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19. Moreover, many doctors now believe that these covid shots could be highly dangerous for our children.

No matter how you slice it, Covid-19 experimental “vaccines” are extremely risky for children. We must assess the risks and benefits carefully and rationally. The lives of our children entirely depend on it.

Parents must guard against sacrificing their children on an alter of fear, hype, or irrationality.

Editor’s Note: Because the CDC does not have a 5-17 Age Category for data collection purposes, this data analysis combines the 3-5 Age Category with the 6-17 Age Category. Per CDC guidelines, children under age 5 are not recommended to receive Covid-19 vaccines at this time. Additionally, FDA approved children ages 5-11 to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).