Week 49: CDC/VAERS Is Now Reporting 20,684 Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths

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As of November 19, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database report 20,684 deaths from the Covid-19 investigational vaccines. This is an increase of 2.3% from last week’s report of 20,224.

Further, the CDC reports 32,186 Permanent Disabilities have been caused by the covid jabs. This is an increase of 3.2% from last week. They also note that a total of 22,634 life threatening events have occurred from these gene therapy ‘vaccines.’

Even without accounting for historically low vaccine injury reporting in VAERS, the data for major Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ adverse events is trending up. If we continue to see a weekly increase of 2.3%, then we should expect over to 23,600 deaths from the jab by year end. At a weekly rate increase of 3.2%, we should expect to see about 38,900 permanent disabilities by New Year’s day. Definitely not good.

With 913,268 total adverse events reported, it is plainly apparent that the covid jabs certainly aren’t “safe” for many people.

Don’t let anyone, including your family, manipulate or gaslight you into taking any medical therapy or “vaccine.” You must assess the risks and benefits thoroughly. Your life may entirely depend on it.

After 49 weeks since the first jab, it’s time to rethink the Covid-19 mass vaccination program and tyrannical vaccine mandates.

Source: CDC/VAERS (as of 11/19/2021)