Week 58: This Must Stop. VAERS Now Reports a Staggering 24,437 Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths

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by Fast Rope

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CDC/VAERS Now Reports 24,437 Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths

As of January 21, 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) report a mind-boggling 1,071,856 Covid-19 vaccine adverse events (all locations)!

Just think about that for a moment. Over 1 million people are reported to have been negatively impacted (or killed) by these experimental covid shots in the last 58 weeks. This is up 1.7% from last week alone! This week’s VAERS data also indicates an unbelievable 24,437 deaths from the Covid-19 investigational vaccines. This is a typical weekly increase of 1.9% from last week’s report of 23,978.

Further, the VAERS reports 41,697 permanent disabilities have been caused by the covid jabs. This is an increase of 2.4% from last week. They also indicate that a total of 27,061 life threatening events have occurred from these gene therapy “vaccines.”

This Covid-19 mass vaccination stupidity has to stop now. These covid jabs are simply too dangerous, and they are clearly not doing anything to stop covid. The continued widespread prevalence of Omicron in the vaccinated population is clear evidence of the jab’s ineffectiveness. The CDC’s mass vaccination policy is an epic fail for public health, but a goldmine for the CDC’s paymaster—Big Pharma.

VAERS Reported Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths – All Locations (Source: CDC/VAERS)

VAERS and Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Events Massively Underreported

Even without accounting for historically low vaccine injury reporting in VAERS, the data for major Covid-19 vaccine adverse events is trending up. If we continue to see weekly deaths increase by 1.9%, then we should expect VAERS to report about 62,000 deaths from the jab by the end of 2022. Similarly, at a weekly rate increase of 2.4%, we could expect to see about 133,000 permanent disabilities by New Year’s day 2023.

This is absolutely mind boggling — and very likely understated due to underreporting considerations associated with the VAERS reporting system.

With 1,071,856 total adverse events reported, it is plainly apparent that the covid jabs certainly aren’t “safe” for many people. Moreover, if we consider the excellent analysis by Steve Kirsch and account for his VAERS underreporting factor (URF) of 41, we are are likely already over 1,000,000 total deaths by the covid jabs (41 times 24,437)!

US VAERS Data Not Much Better

For those who believe that the VAERS data should only reflect US locations, the results still appear equally troubling. As you can see, VAERS is now reporting 12,120 deaths from covid shots in the US (including US territories). This is a 1.7% increase from last week’s 11,921 reported deaths, and it equates to over 496,000 deaths if we apply Kirsch’s URF (41 times 12,120).

Based on a weekly growth rate of 1.7% for covid jab deaths reported in VAERS, we could expect that VAERS will report approximately 27,000 covid vaccine deaths in the United States alone by year end!

This mass vaccination program has been nothing short of an unmitigated disaster. See for yourself:

VAERS Reported Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths – US (Source: CDC/VAERS)

No matter how you analyze it, these numbers do not support the claim that covid shots are risk-free or even work. In fact, the shots are showing to have the opposite effect, and more scientists and doctors are voicing concern about the jab’s potential to cause great harm.

Moreover, the covid shots and their requisite boosters are essentially useless against stopping Omicron infection or transmission. They are also liking damaging your overall immune system.

President Biden must fire lying Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC’s chief liar Dr. Rochelle Walensky. Biden must end this vaccine charade immediately.

Until then, don’t let anyone, including your family or employer, manipulate or gaslight you into taking any medical therapy or “vaccine.” You must assess the risks and benefits thoroughly. The risks are real, an your life may entirely depend on it. Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology platform, has heroically warned us. We should listen.

Besides, if you’ve been following this website, you know there are many things you can do to better protect yourself from Omicron (and here, here, here).

After 58 weeks since the first jab and well over 1 million reported injuries and deaths, it’s time to terminate this idiotic Covid-19 mass vaccination program and tyrannical vaccine mandates now!