Why Are the Global Elite on a Bunker Buying Spree?

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CEO Ron Hubbard of Atlas Survival Shelters confides that that the global elite are buying doomsday bunkers at an unprecedented pace. According to Hubbard, his company’s clients include one of the top five richest people in the world and a middle eastern king. He even shares that Bill Gates has shelters on many of his properties, where the shelter value exceeds $5 million.

Interestingly, Hubbard also notes that he has a bunker in Texas, where several other like-minded preppers reside. He states that these preppers are loosely aligned in a support network, and they refer to themselves as “bunker buddies.” This seems like an excellent idea no matter where you reside. Know who shares your values and who you can rely on before the coprolite hits the fan.

If you live in North America and are seeking to better prepare yourself for future calamity, Joel Skousen’s book Strategic Relocation also provides some extremely useful information. It’s a great place to start. Moreover, Skousen’s book offers excellent advice regardless of your budget. I highly recommend it.

Do the elite know something that we don’t? What are they preparing for? Why now?