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Fast Rope

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  Fast Rope is a website dedicated to discussing the pursuit of health, liberty, optimal living, and most importantly, truth.  

For those of you who thought this would be a military website, you have my sympathies. If it’s any consolation, I earned my roping credentials in a prior, more naive, life. In fact, I’m still paying for those credentials today. That said, the fast rope (and fast-roping) is most definitely an ingenious insertion tool. It gets troops where they need to go quickly. I hope Fast Rope, the website, does the same for information, and especially for the truth.

Why a Fast Rope?

The fast rope, above all, is simple. Yet, it’s also efficient, effective, and inexpensive.

However, the exhilarating freedom you feel sliding down the rope 90-feet above the ground also comes with a fair amount of risk. If you let go of the rope, you may very well die. Ah, such is life!

Fast rope

Perhaps the classical economists are right. In the end there are no solutions, only tradeoffs! For me the fast rope itself serves as a metaphor (and reminder) for living a free and unencumbered life—which certainly comes with risk. It’s also symbolic of the simplicity of this website. No frills here.

Consequently, at Fast Rope I hope to provide and curate information and ideas that address the pursuit of truth and purpose-driven living. Freedom, liberty, and individual responsibility in all spheres are fair game—health, economics, finance, politics, sciences, the arts, etc.

In doing so, I will strive for this website to be a path to clarity and a representation of our world as it actually exists—for me and whoever else visits.  

My goal is simple, but challenging: To provide insights, knowledge, and access to information that might ultimately help us live optimally, honestly, courageously, and free. 

Storm Clouds Are Building, But Hope Abounds

Finally, although it appears that storm clouds are gathering and that we are traveling down the darker paths of history, I sincerely believe that in the end truth will prevail and love will concur fear.

All lovers of liberty must attempt to do their part to educate others on its importance, no matter how small or large. Courageously enlightening even one person could make a difference. Freedom is contagious, and its desire is innate.

As such, we should not be dejected or demoralized by the chaos of a world that seems to be coming unglued.  This is our opportunity to make a real difference.  It’s an opportunity to be a force for good and to be on the right side of history.

Please join me in this discovery process. Let’s slide down the rope together. Ultimately, the truth will out.


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