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Israel vs Sweden COVID-19 Results: The Graphs Don’t Lie

From Unmasked over at substack: As of September 13, 2021, Sweden averages around 90 Covid-19 cases for every 1 million people. Israel averages over 1,218 cases per 1 million people. Why is Israel’s authoritarian Covid-19 strategy deified by the mainstream US media, but Sweden’s laissez-faire approach is completely ignored? Go Sweden! Freedom wins again! And, […]

Children Are Next for Mandated COVID-19 Jabs

The article, Children Are Next in Line for Mandated Coronavirus Vaccine Shots, by Adam Dick of the Ron Paul Institute should come as no surprise to the people who follow this blog. Mandated Covid-19 vaccines are simply about control, nothing more. A society that is willing to force its children, who are at near zero […]

Curcumin and COVID-19 Studies

Many of you already know about curcumin’s impressive anti-inflammatory properties. Now new research is showing that curcumin may provide a meaningful contribution in lowering the severity and death rates of Covid-19. In his article Curcumin and COVID-19 Studies, Dr. Joseph Mercola provides an excellent overview of how curcumin might improve your health, reduce pain from […]

20 Years On, We’ve Learned Nothing From 9/11

Written by Ron Paul Nothing upset the Washington Beltway elites more than when in a 2007 presidential debate I pointed out the truth about the 9/11 attacks: they attacked us because we’ve been in the Middle East, sanctioning and bombing the civilian population, for decades. The 9/11 attackers were not motivated to commit suicide terrorism […]

Vaccine Mandates for Working American Citizens But Not for Illegal Immigrants

We officially live in an Orwellian banana republic twilight zone. US armed forces are scattered all over the world protecting “our freedoms,” making the world “safe for democracy,” and preventing the “terrorists” from breaching our sovereign borders in order to keep Americans safe, and the White House just indifferently admits that illegal immigrants, who are […]