CNN’s Don Lemon Doing His Best to Promote a Segregated Society

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Way to go Mr. Lemon! Not only are you a “respected” talking head propagandist for the state, but now you are also apparently a self-anointed medical professional. Clearly, in your scientific assessment of Covid-19, stupidity is the only possible explanation for the unwashed masses (aka Trump supporters) to not get a Covid-19 gene therapy injection.

After all,

Only stupid people would question the safety and efficacy of an experimental mRNA gene therapy injection that didn’t follow the FDA’s normal evaluation and safety review process.

Only stupid people would demand informed consent–a full understanding of the actual risks they are being coerced to take.

Only stupid people would believe that natural antibodies developed by recovering from Covid-19 is superior to a vaccine that focuses on one dimension of the virus–the Spike protein.

Only stupid people would question vaccine mandates after seeing Israel, one the world’s most highly vaccinated countries, resort to a fourth booster because the mRNA vaccines are totally failing.

Only stupid people would assess the government’s own Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) data, irrespective of studies suggesting significant underreporting, and conclude that the jabs might not be safe.

Only stupid people might conclude with all the “breakthrough” cases that maybe the problem is with the actual mRNA vaccines and those who are vaccinated.

Only stupid people would question medical fascism and Dr. Don’s socialist vision of utopia.

Folks, Dr. Don knows what’s best for everyone. Based on his education and work experience, he is eminently qualified to determine what constitutes science and what science we should follow. His prescription is simple–a little tyranny of the majority delivered with a healthy dose of shame…or just leave the unvaccinated masses behind.

Don Lemon in his own horrific, divisive words: