How Do Tyrants Make People Act Against Their Own Interests?

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by Tesea Lena via

how do tyrants make people act against their own interests


  1. Tyranny is rearing its ugly head all over the planet
  2. The tyrants have a rich arsenal of weapons, such as direct violence, destruction of food supply chains, going after the children, blatant deceit, fake “community values,” and the “New Moral”
  3. We are in a spiritual battle of our time, and we are the heroes we have been waiting for

The year is 2021, going on 2022. It’s been two weeks … sorry, two years of bullying. It’s been two years of being disrespected and deceived. We are at a crossroads, and the tension is palpable. There is a war on privacy, on free expression, on human contact, on love, on natural immunity, on medical sovereignty, on bodily autonomy, and even on math, allegedly. It’s hard to believe it’s real. We are pinching ourselves every day but the bad dream is not disappearing.

In Germany, the police are measuring the distance between people in the street with a ruler. In South Korea, they are building an “untact” society, a society with limited physical contact (“a potential economic engine for the country,” they say).

“Introduced in 2020, ‘Untact’ is a South Korean government policy that aims to spur economic growth by removing layers of human interaction from society … Robots brew coffee and bring beverages to tables in cafes … At Yongin Severance Hospital, Keemi – a 5G-powered disinfection robot – sprays hand sanitiser, checks body temperature, polices social distancing, and even tells people off for not wearing masks …”

“Seoul City plans to build a ‘metaverse’ – a virtual space where users can interact with digital representations of people and objects – and avatars of public officials will resolve complaints.

Several local governments have launched AI call bots to monitor the health of those self-isolating … Loneliness among elderly people – an existing problem in South Korea only exacerbated by the pandemic – is also receiving the untact treatment … The long-term impact of untact on society remains unclear, but Prof Choi believes an untact future is inevitable to increase economic efficiency.”

In America, the Green Party just went full-on brown, and the FDA is working to intercept international mail containing ivermectin.

In my hometown of New York, segregation of the vermin is “normal.” In Australia … oh Australia. Why, Australia?!

So we have to accept the fact that it’s happening. Yes, it’s happening. It is happening to us and to our children — here and now, bizarrely — and yet the logic of a Hollywood film doesn’t apply. It is not a history book, not a story about a place far away, it is here and now. We are suddenly “that” generation. We are suddenly the heroes we’ve always wanted to save us.

And it’s nuts — but as insane as it is, the world is still ancient and beautiful, and the choice to push back against bullying is an ancient initiation. We are holding the line.

Tyranny, Fascism, Domination

What is that force that wants to control us completely? Some people call that force Fascism, some call it Tyranny, or Domination, or the Machine. Today’s technocratic version of total control goes under the names of the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial revolution. It aims to turn us into inanimate and obedient wheels fueling new digital slavery and the fully controlled financial system. But it is much more than a political force.

Yes, Tyranny has political faces. Yes, today it laughs at the gullible by pretending that it wants to “build back better,” just like before it came up with any other “respectable” lies. Yes, it throws treacherous slogans around and employs politicians and corporate leaders to promote its various weapons and poisons.

But deep underneath, it is much more than a political force. It’s a test for the soul. It’s a force whose cruel predation helps us discover the courage inside us that some of us have almost forgot.

“What Did We Do to Deserve This Abuse?”

That is a question that many of us ask ourselves very often. Personally, I believe that the abusive force is allowed to be temporarily menacing because it serves an existential purpose. It is here to motivate us to snap out of slumber and start respecting and protecting the life force inside us. The wisdom we learn from making mistakes is more lasting than the wisdom we learn theoretically.

I also believe that the duration of torture is not supposed to be long, unless we prolong it by willingness to cooperate with the tyrants with our actions or psychologically. Like the mysterious balance between Yin and Yang, the tyrants are the ugly facilitators of our freedom. But if we get scared and agree to comply with abuse, it creates a domino effect and snowballs with no ending in sight, until we remember that we are of spirit and water — and stand up for ourselves.

Meanwhile, the tyrants are here, and they are hard at work trying to bully us and confuse us as much as they can.

How Do Tyrants Make People Comply With Their Agenda?

Tyrants have many tricks up their sleeves. Some are physical and some psychological. Some are applied “on first contact with tyranny,” and some are designed to maintain the state of confusion to keep us weak. And while the specifics may vary from moment to moment and from one tyrant to another, there are some general principles.

Physical Violence and Imprisonment

Physical violence is a force that tyrants have been using throughout history very effectively. We can be smart and see through the lies — but when one’s life is threatened or when one faces imprisonment, things are not easy. But what the tyrants don’t realize that by pushing too far, they make people mad. And the people are rising!

Limiting Access to Money or Food

What comes to my mind is the time when the buffalo were being slaughtered en masse to ensure that “hostile Indians” couldn’t eat. That was a deliberate strategy to starve out the people who had been enjoying a free existence and weren’t quite asking to part with their land or their lifestyle in favor of their version of the “Great Reset.”

Before that and after that, different invaders arranged for food blockades and supply chain disruptions in order to create the kind of starvation and suffering that would make the targeted people so distraught that they would either die or succumb.

Today, there is an attack on our land, on our food systems, and on farmers — with the idea of weaning us off our traditional food and selling us the “new normal” food, such as lab-grown proteins, bugs (see this yummy article about cockroach milk), and other “delicacies” we did not request. Keep in mind that Bill Gates is the largest private land owner in the U.S. Good times.

Going After the Children

That, sadly, is another classic signature of many abusive reforms. For any aspiring tyrant or invader, it is important to create a chasm between the children and their parents so that the children can be influenced and corrupted — and the parents can’t help because the children have no love and no respect for what their parents stand for.

The dark reminder from the history of our country is the notorious “kill the Indian, save the man” campaign, in which a large amount of Native American children were ripped away from their parents (often by force) and sent to boarding schools where they were punished with great cruelty for attempting to speak their language or doing anything reminiscent of their traditional culture.

Not only did it lead to heartbreaking and destructive interruption of cultural ties and loss of important family legacies — but also the children were so traumatized that it resulted in generational havoc: broken relationships, domestic abuse, a high rate of suicides, and so on. As they say, hurt people hurt people …

And then in my birth homeland, the post-revolution children were encouraged to choose “politically correct” ideology over family loyalties and to rat out their parents. Which allegedly some did. (See Pavlik Morozov.

What they are doing to the children today may be falsely described in the warm and fuzzy language of “care” and “public health” as opposed to the straight-up language of domination — but abuse is abuse.

The masking of children — against all rhyme and reason — is unconscionable. Setting the children against their “vaccine-hesitant” parents and encouraging the children to get the COVID injections without even telling the parents is criminal.

And then there are stories like this: According to a parent in Florida, “school officials forced a little girl with Down Syndrome to wear a mask by tying it to her head for six weeks.” Another parent reported that their non-verbal son, who can’t communicate whether he can or cannot breathe, had his mask duct-taped to his face at school. In what world?!!

Psychology of Deceit

Tyrants wouldn’t be tyrants if they were truthful. In the words of Tom Mullen, as he commented on the cognitive anomalies of the New Normal, the “New Normal paradigm can’t collapse in the face of anomalies, no matter how numerous they are, because the anomalies are now simply ignored. Anyone who calls attention to them, no matter how credentialed or qualified, is systematically discredited.” I recently explored the topic of deceit in detail here and here. The gist:

“It’s possible for the not-so-benevolent people to create, sell, and enforce temporarily satisfying make-believe realities. It works like a drug. Let’s say, if one feels dissatisfied with one’s life, one can temporarily block the discomfort and even experience euphoria based on purely sensory stimuli.

But of course, as powerful or invigorated one may feel inside an artificial reality, sooner or later one has to wake up to the real reality — and the sweeter the dream, the more bitter the fall.”

Yet it’s “possible to create an infinite number of ‘make believe’ realities and feed those realities by recruiting willing participants. And here is where the history of the world comes to play. How many important events and cultural narratives took place strictly because there were enough people willing to participate in them — not because they were grounded in the real reality?”

“If one is convinced on a sensory level that a healthy person without a mask is a danger, then demanding that other people wear the mask becomes a real emotional need. The message that one wants to imprint is of totalitarian mask-up.

The message is not based in reality, and may not even be the person’s own message — but the feeling is real — and because the person is not spiritually grounded, he feels hysterical. And the predators love it when people are spiritually ungrounded. They love eating zombies.”

“By the way, the entire Fourth Industrial Revolution is an industrial-level project of disconnecting everybody from the real reality and vampiring their energy. It’s about abolishing human agency — which is actually unabolishable, but it can be temporarily stolen at the price of great suffering. Sometimes people tell me that maybe it’s not such a bad idea to live with a million sensors in the body.

Well, here is an analogy. Imagine a really bad marriage. Imagine a really clueless and tactless spouse who believes that he/she knows better what’s good for you. Your spouse doesn’t need to be a thief or a murderer (even though they could be), he/she can simply be totally clueless and not “get” you at all. And that is enough to turn your life into hell!

Life under the Fourth Industrial Revolution is like a million bad marriages without a right to divorce.”

The “New Moral”

In addition to the “New Normal,” there is also an implicit “New Moral.” The “New Moral” is predicated on emotional hunger, a certain degree of suffering, and a great amount of deceit. A few months ago, Charles Eisenstein published a widely circulated beautiful piece, called, “Mob Morality and the Unvaxxed.” It moved me greatly and really hit the nail on the head:

“We would like to think that modern societies like ours have outgrown barbaric customs like human sacrifice. Sure, we still engage in scapegoating and figuratively sacrifice people on the altar of public opinion, but we don’t actually kill people in hopes of placating the gods and restoring order. Or do we?”

“Sacrificial subjects carry an association of pollution or contagion; their removal thus cleanses society … It matters little whether any of these pose a real threat to society. As with the subjects of criminal justice, their guilt is irrelevant to the project of restoring order through blood sacrifice (or expulsion from the community by incarceration or, in more tepid but possibly prefigurative form, through “canceling”).

All that is necessary is that the dehumanized class arouse the blind indignation and rage necessary to incite a paroxysm of unifying violence. More relevant to current times, this primal mob energy can be harnessed toward fascistic political ends. Totalitarians right and left invoke it directly when they speak of purges, ethnic cleansing, racial purity, and traitors in our midst.”

An Imaginary “We”

That particular weapon of tyrants is very close to my heart. I spent many years unwrapping the messes that were bestowed on me by the totalitarian culture of my birth homeland (I am Russian).

There was this fake concept of “we” that was without a doubt created by various elites at different times of history, like a “Russian doll” of lies. Fake as it was, it was none the less internalized by many people — and growing up, I had to compare my actions to this imaginary “we” or, in today’s language, “community values.”

And by the way, I do believe that being gracious and good to one’s community is wonderful and satisfying — but a good community is rooted in spiritual health and genuine respect — not in neurotic, guilt-ridden marching to the drum of totalitarian idealogues. Enough said.

“Recruiting” Friends and Family, a.k.a. Collective Trauma

That one is very painful to many of us. It’s not very hard to accept the fact that the tyrants are mean. But when they manage to seduce, corrupt, or scare the people around us, and when the tyrants’ rotten ideas come to us from our loved ones, that hurts. And it requires all the courage in the world to face that extremely difficult challenge and stay grounded and remembering that our fight is for love. I personally believe that this could be the challenge of our time.

I should also mention using technology for overall emotional manipulation and “scientific” behavioral modification. That is a vast topic that requires a separate article but it needs to be mentioned because it’s not a conspiracy theory.

And Finally, What if the Tyrants Mean Well?

Let me answer that tricky question with a less tricky question: Why should I care? Suppose, some tyrants think of themselves as saviors. It could be. There is usually inner logic to everything people do. There is inner logic to the actions of madmen and serial killers — and perhaps some of the tyrants believe themselves to be messiahs. But why should I care?

Perhaps some of the Great Inquisitors also believed that by burning witches alive they saved them from eternal burning, and thus it was a service to the slain.

Perhaps some of the people who forcibly ripped Native kids away from their parents and placed them in boarding school believed that it was good for “progress” or for the kids. Perhaps some of the German Nazis believed that ridding the country of Jews was a noble and scientific idea.

Perhaps today’s eugenicists believe that reducing the population of humans is good for the planet and is necessary for the survival of the human species. Perhaps they believe that if the population isn’t reduced, then the entire species might perish. Perhaps they believe that we are too stupid to understand, and so they are just “doing what needs to be done.” Maybe yes, maybe no. But they are deranged, and so why should I care?

They are not qualified to decide my fate or the fate of humanity — and while I wish them their kindest experience with the truth because that is how I sincerely feel about the world, I am not obliged to submit their or any other abuse. We are not their slaves. Hold the line.

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