Hypocrisy – Is the West the Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

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Black Pot, Hypocrisy

How malleable, ignorant, clueless, and downright hypocritical are the Western masses? If US government is interested in defending any border, perhaps it should start with its own.

After the endless lies and propaganda used to manufacture consent for our disastrous pursuits in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, and Syria, why would anyone now believe the drivel coming out of any American (or British) politician’s or bureaucrat’s mouth regarding Russia’s beef with Ukraine?

I am beginning to think 100+ years of socialist-inspired public education in the United States has produced nothing short of a complete Idiocracy. Much of the hoi polloi just appear absolutely incapable of even the most basic critical thinking. Does anyone really think the complicated events in Ukraine can be boiled down to Ukraine good, Russia bad? Or a 30-second sound bite? What exactly is the United States’ national security interest in Ukraine anyway?

Have we not learned anything from two years of global covid tyranny? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! By the way, what happened to covid anyway? How did something supposedly so dangerous to humankind completely disappear after the Russian military rolled into Ukraine? Hmmm.

I guess if we look on the bright side, at least F├╝hrer Fauci’s 15 minutes of fame are finally over. Perhaps Vladimir Putin should be awarded the Nobel Prize for single-handedly shutting down the virus—and the diminutive Dr. Evil!

And speaking of Putin, why are Westerners, and especially Americans, so reflexively inclined to swallow the Putin-Hitler narrative and the outright anti-Russian propaganda dutifully delivered by the lapdog corporate media? Moreover, why is there such vitriol aimed directly at the Russian people? Do you really think all Russians love Putin anymore than all Americans love Biden—or love Trump?

Think about that for a moment. Should all Americans be blamed for the actions of their president? What if you didn’t vote for that president? Should Biden supporters be blamed for Trump’s actions, or vice versa?

It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate Putin, Biden, Trump, Johnson, Trudeau, Zelensky, or any political leader/tyrant who happens to lord over you, the people are NOT their government. For the love of God, we must stop conflating the two! We should pray for a quick and peaceful resolution in Ukraine and the well-being of both the Ukrainian and Russian people. We should not be stoking the flames of hatred and war.

And, for all you reflexive Russia haters and mindlessly instinctive tribalists, Paul Joseph Watson shines a brilliant and sobering light on Western globalist hypocrisy (aka bullshit). Something to think about.

Paul Joseph Watson on Hypocritical Russophobia