Joe Biden: Rules for Thee But Not for Me

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All tyrants are hypocrites. Without exception, tyrants adhere to the principle of “Rules for thee, but not for me.” President Biden is just another shining example in a long history of tyrannical hypocrites. See him strut maskless in a DC restaurant. Nice to see that you are enjoying yourself Mr. President!

The unwashed masses must follow tyrannical dictates for “our safety,” but not the elite. Clearly, they bask in different air from the rest of us. Their flaunting of their own policies plainly reveals that the public is being scammed. Don’t fall for their “pandemic” lies.

In fairness to the senile hair sniffer-in-chief, the “Big Guy” probably just forgot about all the tyrannical Covid-19 dictates and hoopla that he and his handlers have been perpetuating. Or, maybe he just didn’t realize that he was in DC. Both are likely probable. What a clown!