Jordan Peterson: Diversity-Inclusion-Equity (DIE) Must Die

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Wow! Jordan Peterson recently resigned from his full tenured position at the University of Toronto, and he explains why. Peterson pulls no punches.

You must make time to watch this 18-minute video. He delivers a blistering denunciation of what the diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE) movement of the Radical Left is doing to our institutions and society. It’s not good.

The path we are on is simply terrifying. Personally, I fear that Western culture, and the values it represents, may be entirely eradicated within one more generation if we allow this madness to continue.

Peterson calls out his “craven” colleagues, academia, CEOs, writers, Hollywood, and more, who tacitly or proactively support this suicidal DIE ideology. He also stresses how these supporters and cheerleaders are eerily similar to the Bolsheviks of the early USSR.

Notably, Peterson reserves special scorn for the many CEO cowards and hypocrites who are perpetuating a “radical leftist trinity” that completely contradicts the environment which gave rise to their entrepreneurial enterprises. Perhaps Vladimir Lenin would refer to these people “useful idiots.”

If we don’t push back now on this DIE nonsense, our future will indeed look very grim. If you don’t believe me or think I’m being hyperbolic, just read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s masterpiece The Gulag Archipelago. Solzhenitsyn shows us in great detail how the story will unfold.

This is nothing new. It has happened before. Vladimir Putin has even told us so in his own words!

Peterson explains:

You can also read Jordan Peterson’s statement in the National Post.