Menticide – Psyops at Work; Don’t Let Them Kill Your Mind

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What is unfolding before us are tried and true techniques for subjugating humanity. Just read Edward Bernays’ book Propaganda, and you will see. Mr. Bernays was a cousin of Dr. Sigmund Freud, and widely considered the father of modern propaganda. What you are experiencing is a masterful psychological operation (psyop) at work, and you are not alone in recognizing that something is wrong. But what can you do? Speak out! Identify like-minded individuals to provide and gain moral support. Unplug, and build parallel structures to connect with others. Don’t forget that anything can be turned into a drug: heroin, food, sugar, money, welfare, technology–and over the ages drugs have proven to be an effective means of controlling others. Big corporations know this. Big media knows this. Big pharma knows this. And clearly, big government knows this. Don’t be seduced by this devil. Don’t let them take your humanity!

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola