NIH Pursues Gain of Function, Politicians Pursue Gain of Fortune

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Just like your average banana republic, a sure-fire way to accumulate wealth in the USA appears to be through politics, and Nancy Pelosi has certainly mastered this fine art of wealth accumulation while “serving” the public.

Not unlike the NIH seeking to strengthen the transmissibility and virulence of corona viruses using gain-of-function techniques, Nancy and her ilk strengthen their bank accounts via the political class’ gain-of-fortune techniques. But fear not, for our protection these special gain-of-fortune techniques have low transmissibility, and their virulence only appears to apply to the political class.

I guess in some Orwellian way “public service” means exactly what it purports–the public provides the service!

Dr. Mercola breaks it down for us in his article How Politicians Make Millions:

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola