Pro Mountain Biker Kyle Warner Shares his Horrific Covid-19 Vaccine Injury Story

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In this video Kyle Warner shares his horrific Covid-19 vaccine injury story with YouTube medical guru John Campbell, PhD. Kyle is a professional mountain biker who now suffers from pericarditis and POTS after dutifully receiving his jab. He is young, extremely fit, and according to recent statistics, not at serious risk from Covid-19. His story will absolutely frighten you. Moreover, his story reveals just how effective the government’s Covid-19 propaganda has been — which is equally terrifying.

Based on Dr. Campbell’s numerous internet videos, Campbell is widely considered to be a strong proponent of Covid-19 jabs. That said, he does an excellent and compassionate job interviewing Kyle. He allows the vaccine injury victim to share his complete story. Additionally, he graciously allows Kyle to promote, an organization dedicated to helping Covid-19 vaccine injury victims. Kudos to Campbell for providing Kyle a platform to share such important information about the risks associated with Covid-19 vaccines.

If you’ve been harmed by a Covid-19 injection, or you’re still considering receiving the jab, you must watch this video! Covid-19 injections are NOT risk-free, and you should carefully consider all the available information. Don’t let anyone, family included, shame or gaslight you into making such an important decision. Your life may depend on it.